Posted by International Inner Wheel | Jun 14, 2017 |


IW Club Brussels Zavel, D217, Belgium and Luxembourg, share their work and friendship from 2016-17.

Our club is the only Dutch-speaking club in Brussels. (Belgium officially has 3 languages, Dutch, French and German). Brussels is officially bilingual (Dutch and French). We have quite a few international members. And we pride ourselves on getting to know one another. Friendship being one of Inner Wheel's goals.

In February, we had a cooking event.

Well attended and yes one does get to know one and other whilst preparing delicious food.

Begin May we have ventured out of Brussels to a small town called Diest. Learned a lot of historical facts and saw what the life in a 'beguinage' would have been like many years ago.

We meet monthly in the centre of Brussels, where most of us either work, have worked or live. Our fundraising is aimed at supporting Happier Futures Better lives projects here in Brussels. We raised funds selling lovely smoked salmon, as well as wines.

We were very happy to support Aquarelle – an organisation the helps needy, often single, pregnant women (i.e. immigrants).