International Inner Wheel

Where members volunteer in friendship to serve the communities worldwide.

Members of Inner Wheel uphold THREE objectives:
PROMOTING true friendship
ENCOURAGING the ideals of personal service
FOSTERING international understanding

President’s Theme 2023-24

Each year, the International President presents a theme to unite members towards a common achievement. When over 100,000 members prevail with one passion, the results can create the change across nations and for generations.

The International Inner Wheel theme for 2023-2024 is
IIW President's theme 2023-2024

As Inner Wheel commemorates her 100th anniversary of formation, President Trish Douglas gives a clarion call to members to work hard and work smart for a better future for the next generation.

Therefore, “Shine A Light” is the theme of two flagship initiatives which are critical to make that happen:
(1) Brighten Lives for the Future, and
(2) Mental Wellness Brightens Lives.

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Brighten Lives for the Future

The world is experiencing unprecedented natural catastrophes of apocalyptic proportions. We know the issues are huge and the impacts widespread. If unchecked and unreversed, the next generation will have to fight for survival. Today, many communities suffer from the lack of clean air and clean drinking water; flimsy protection against the cold and the heat; and the loss of home and refuge. The future of the world looks dire. How can we brighten lives and give hope for the future?

Mental Wellness Brightens Lives

There are increasing reports of mental illnesses, stress, trauma, victimisation, and displacement which have resulted in suicides, shootings and stabbings, violence such as domestic abuse and homelessness. It is a darkness in lives, filled with negativity and destruction. Many Inner Wheel Clubs worldwide have been actively supporting to uplift and brightening the lives of those who are hurt and in pain. More can be done, for the work is unfinished.

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International Inner Wheel
Inner Wheel Club of Bhubaneswar NorthDistrict no: 326We organized a fun sports event at the Louis Braille School for the Blind. The boys had a drumbeat competition, and the girls had a spoon race. The event happened at the school, and it was a big success. The students showed how athletic and active they can be. The winners got prizes, and it made everyone feel proud and happy. We also wanted to help the students stay healthy, so, we gave out 60 packs of sanitary napkins. And to make things even better, we shared cakes and chocolates with everyone to bring some happiness to the event See MoreSee Less
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IWC LAHORE MAIN DECEMBER PROJECT 2023In December, IWC Lahore Main organized a highly informative seminar at Rabia Basri Degree College in Lahore, shedding light on the aspects of women’s health. The seminar, held within the college premises, drew an enthusiastic audience, including a substantial number of teachers and students.Dr. Amna Qazi, a distinguished speaker, not only discussed PCOS, Bone health, and Osteoporosis but also delved into preventive measures and lifestyle choices that contribute to overall well-being. She highlighted the importance of early detection and intervention for these health concerns.Whereas, Dr. Rabia Sohail addressed Breast cancer awareness, providing valuable insights into the importance of regular screenings, self-examinations, and dispelling common myths surrounding breast health.The students actively engaged in the sessions, showcasing their keen interest in understanding and promoting women’s health. Following the seminar’s conclusion, certificates were presented to Dr. Amna Qazi and Dr. Rabia Sohail, recognizing their significant contributions to spreading awareness and fostering a health-conscious community. See MoreSee Less
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Donation of BooksOn the day of the “Bulgarian Spiritual Guides” (Folk Awakeners) on November 1st 2023 the Club of Inner Wheel Shumen presented 55 books to the National Library “Dobry Voinikov”. Inner Wheel Club Shumen support children’s and old people’s knowledge. Rotary friends of our club were also present at this intellectual donation. See MoreSee Less
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Visit to the Old People’s Home in ShumenThe ladies of Shumen Inner Wheel Club D248 Bulgaria paid a visit to “D-r. Stefan Smyadovsky Old People’s Home ” on the occasion of its 87th anniversary.On this warm sunny day the children from the “Spring’’ Kindergarten congratulated the old people with their happy dances, wonderful singing and poems. They brought happiness, wonderful memories and warm smiles to everyone. The old people were presented gifts by our club members and a lot of photos were taken together with our ladies, the children and the people of the “Golden Age”. See MoreSee Less
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D325 IWC JAMSHEDPUR Project -Distribution of sarees among transgenders. Venue-united clubGender equality and transgender support program Project -This month being the month for transgender. Sarees were distributed among transgender by Inner Wheel Club of Jamshedpur.Kinner has emerged as a separate society among us and has proved that they are not less then us. Every field they had proved their presence. Joy and happiness on their faces cannot be expressed in words. We thank IW for setting such goals and motivating us to work such class of people too. Beneficiaries-25 See MoreSee Less
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