International Inner Wheel

Where members volunteer in friendship to serve the communities worldwide.

Members of Inner Wheel uphold THREE objectives:
PROMOTING true friendship
ENCOURAGING the ideals of personal service
FOSTERING international understanding

President’s Theme 2023-24

Each year, the International President presents a theme to unite members towards a common achievement. When over 100,000 members prevail with one passion, the results can create the change across nations and for generations.

The International Inner Wheel theme for 2023-2024 is
IIW President's theme 2023-2024

As Inner Wheel commemorates her 100th anniversary of formation, President Trish Douglas gives a clarion call to members to work hard and work smart for a better future for the next generation.

Therefore, “Shine A Light” is the theme of two flagship initiatives which are critical to make that happen:
(1) Brighten Lives for the Future, and
(2) Mental Wellness Brightens Lives.

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Brighten Lives for the Future

The world is experiencing unprecedented natural catastrophes of apocalyptic proportions. We know the issues are huge and the impacts widespread. If unchecked and unreversed, the next generation will have to fight for survival. Today, many communities suffer from the lack of clean air and clean drinking water; flimsy protection against the cold and the heat; and the loss of home and refuge. The future of the world looks dire. How can we brighten lives and give hope for the future?

Mental Wellness Brightens Lives

There are increasing reports of mental illnesses, stress, trauma, victimisation, and displacement which have resulted in suicides, shootings and stabbings, violence such as domestic abuse and homelessness. It is a darkness in lives, filled with negativity and destruction. Many Inner Wheel Clubs worldwide have been actively supporting to uplift and brightening the lives of those who are hurt and in pain. More can be done, for the work is unfinished.

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1.*DISTRICT NUMBER* — 329 2.*PROJECT NAME*– SAHAYIKA 3.*CLUB NAME* — IWC of Behala .*PROJECT DETAILS*– Today early morning, we travelled to Deopara Champamoni Higher Secondary School located in Kotulpur, Bankura District. As per appeal by the Headmaster of the Primary Section, we donated a *Raj Steel Bookcase*, shelves filled with numerous *storybooks* as well as *reference books*, for their Library class. We also gave the students a complete set of Educational charts for quick learning. Finally we distributed Cadbury’s mini 5 Stars, Oreo biscuits and Maggi packets to the young students who were so happy and excited, entertained us with songs and dances. Moreover, the Principal of the Higher Secondary section had also appealed for a *desktop computer* which the students could use to surf the net for further reference, during their Library classes. Providing teaching aids to the innocent ki See MoreSee Less
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INNER WHEEL CLUB of MADRAS District: 323Project : Encouraging and supporting Boccia Game for physically challenged players which is an Internationally recognised Sport.Date of the project: June 8thDescription:Ektha is a Disabled People’s Organization (DPO) working to make rights real for Persons with Disabilities. We at Ektha believe that participation in Sports activities is an equally important right as other rights, They have been developing a Paralympic Sport of Boccia that can be played by anyone, with or without a disability. Originally designed for people with severe Cerebral Palsy, it is now enjoyed by players with a wide variety of disabilities using wheelchairs. It is easy for a beginner to pick up quickly, but builds in intensity & complexity as players hone their skills. Ektha’s goal is to bring out People with Disabilities who are confined at their home, give training for Boccia and send them to National and International events.IWC Madras has sourced and provided them with best quality of Boccia Balls.A member physically brought them from America.The players were excited to receive them.Cost : Rs 25662.Beneficiaries: The entire team . See MoreSee Less
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D314 Literacy projectDate – 8-6-2024Place – Palgher – Vevoor Cost of projects- 45 lakhs One year adoption cost – 5 lakhs Total project cost – 50 lakhs Description – Reconstruct and renovate the school in Palgher. Happy School made1) Build new Aanganwadi 2) Two buildings fully renovated with plaster and colouring 3) 250 benches repaired and refurnished 4) Fully reconstruct playground 5) construct boys’ toilets 6) Fully repair girls’ toilets 7)Reconstruct store room 😎 Beautify Anganwadi and the whole school with aesthetic painting 9) Build a water counter with 5 taps 10) Build assembly hall 11) Make big Inner wheel branding Entrance gate12) we have adopted school for one year to maintain, cleanliness and more teaching support from teachersInner Wheel Club of Bombay Airport Tiara’s Zilla parishad school and Aanganawadi was inaugurated by Centurian District Chairman Pallavi Choksi Attended – 100 members, donors, friends and family..Beneficiary – 750 children See MoreSee Less
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It’s a month since the Convention, and all who attended are still talking about it. Remembering te friendship, the camaraderie, the music and dance, the stalls…the list goes on. The first of the series from our Board Directors- Convention ReminiscencesLater all will be on YouTube See MoreSee Less
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Inner Wheel members superbly showcased the multi- racial multi- lingual culture of Singapore through dances See MoreSee Less
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