INTERNATIONAL INNER WHEEL is the administrative body of Inner Wheel organisations worldwide. It is governed by an Executive Committee of five elected officers: President, Vice-President, Immediate Past President, Treasurer, and Constitution Chairman. The EC together with 16 elected Board Directors, make up the International Governing Body. An Editor/Media Manager who is responsible for the IIW website, media output and promotional documents is also nominated and elected. The elections are held once every year from nominations received all over the world. The EC is assisted by a full time administrator.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: President Zenaida Yungco Farcon (IW Philippines), Vice-President Trish Douglas (IW GB&I), Immediate Past President Ebe Panitteri Martines (IW Italy), Treasurer Sarita Lunani (IW India) and Constitution Chairman Sissel H Michelsen (IW Norway)
BOARD DIRECTORS (left to right, top to bottom): Beatrix von Fassong (IW Germany), Cinzia Tomatis (IW Italy), Dot Anderson-Lee (IW New Zealand), Elizabeth Tooke (IW Australia), Fe Victoria de Guia (IW Philippines), Gillette Broadaway (IW USA), Ingelog Wyndhamn (IW Sweden), Kaija Keijola (IW Finland), Kirsten Moller (IW Denmark), Liv Elin Broberg Lewin (IW Norway), Marie-Francoise Pignard (IW FAMAT), Marlies Arnoldus-Luiten (IW Netherlands), Shanta Jayalath (IW Sri Lanka), Uche Agbim (IW Nigeria), Zena Coles (IW GB&I), and Zhivka Stoyanova (IW Bulgaria).

Clubs, Districts and National Governing Bodies adhere to the IIW Constitution. An IIW Convention held triennially and hosted in one of the Inner Wheel countries, gathers members all over the world to discuss changes and vote accordingly. Every Club has a right to a vote.

Large meetings are also held regionally, such as in Europe, USA, South Asia, Philippines, Australia, and India. This has helped to promote friendship, and provide the opportunity for growth, leadership and empowerment.

Mrs. Margarette Golding, a nurse, business woman and the wife of a Manchester Rotarian, started the Inner Wheel movement. The first official meeting of the Inner Wheel Club of Manchester was on 10 January 1924. The 10th of January is now celebrated as World Inner Wheel Day (or simply Inner Wheel Day), by Clubs all over the world.