• International Inner Wheel is one of the largest women's service voluntary organisations in the world.

    IIW is active in over 103 countries, with 100,000 members in 3895 clubs
  • Happier futures. Giving children a better life.

    Helping children around the world, to live a better life.
  • An IIW Convention is a wonderful opportunity we have every three years to play an active role in decision making and future direction of our organization.

Meet the President

"Leave a Lasting Legacy"

Dear IW friends, IW greetings to you all, at all levels of IW administration. We start the new IW year with new zeal, with new hopes new avenues of service & friendship and with a new look & new ideas. Ideas to change the way we serve to leave a lasting Legacy.

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Service Projects

Happier Futures
Better Lives

Inner Wheel clubs, districts and countries take part in a wide range of work for charities and causes across the world with the aim to give people Happier Futures and Better Lives

Happier Futures

Leave a Lasting Legacy