International Inner Wheel

Where members volunteer in friendship to serve the communities worldwide.

Members of Inner Wheel uphold THREE objectives:
PROMOTING true friendship
ENCOURAGING the ideals of personal service
FOSTERING international understanding

President’s Theme 2023-24

Each year, the International President presents a theme to unite members towards a common achievement. When over 100,000 members prevail with one passion, the results can create the change across nations and for generations.

The International Inner Wheel theme for 2023-2024 is
IIW President's theme 2023-2024

As Inner Wheel commemorates her 100th anniversary of formation, President Trish Douglas gives a clarion call to members to work hard and work smart for a better future for the next generation.

Therefore, “Shine A Light” is the theme of two flagship initiatives which are critical to make that happen:
(1) Brighten Lives for the Future, and
(2) Mental Wellness Brightens Lives.

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Brighten Lives for the Future

The world is experiencing unprecedented natural catastrophes of apocalyptic proportions. We know the issues are huge and the impacts widespread. If unchecked and unreversed, the next generation will have to fight for survival. Today, many communities suffer from the lack of clean air and clean drinking water; flimsy protection against the cold and the heat; and the loss of home and refuge. The future of the world looks dire. How can we brighten lives and give hope for the future?

Mental Wellness Brightens Lives

There are increasing reports of mental illnesses, stress, trauma, victimisation, and displacement which have resulted in suicides, shootings and stabbings, violence such as domestic abuse and homelessness. It is a darkness in lives, filled with negativity and destruction. Many Inner Wheel Clubs worldwide have been actively supporting to uplift and brightening the lives of those who are hurt and in pain. More can be done, for the work is unfinished.

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Original composition of District Chairman from the Philippines D 378 Emlyn Santos, for the International Day of Peace. See MoreSee Less
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Eye camp by IWC Mombasa Kenya See MoreSee Less
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IWC LAHORE MAIN SEPTEMBER 2023 PROJECTS.1. IWC Lahore Main members visited Christian community of Jaranwala.Donated brand new as well as preloved clothes (male, female & children) to the victims of Jaranwala incident. Lahore Main also gave charity to 50 families Total worth of this is project Rs. 300,000.2. IWC Lahore Main donated fees to 4 College Students of Queen Marry College Lahore. Total Worth Rs. 127,0003. IWC Lahore Main donated Rs. 16000 to Masjid e Quba located in Johar Town Lahore. See MoreSee Less
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EARLY DETECTION OF BREAST AND UTERUS CANCEROn August 23, 2023, the Inner Wheel club of Cotonou together with the Collective of Associations and Women’s Clubs Services of Benin, organized on two coupled actions, namely the early detection of breast cancer and the screening of uterus cancer on aboard a mobile clinic in Bethel of Guinkomey (one area of Cotonou) for Evangelical women.The results of these screenings are as follows:– Ninety (90) women were examined.– Eighty-five (85) women are healthy.– Five women (5) are suspects. See MoreSee Less
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District no 325Club name – IWC Jamshedpur WestProject Name Zest for Zero Waste Project details and Venue- IWC Jamshedpur West members collected lab tops ,T V, cables, batteries and other electronic wastes.It was organised at Tata workers High school.Hulladek is a well known company, which collects all types of e-waste like mobile, remotes, batteries,TV ,plugs, chords etc.Then company then recycle the wastes that are collected.IWC Jamshedpur West collected around hundred kg of e-waste and handed over to hulladek company.Two persons from the company also gave talk on the whole process of recycling of e waste.Around 200 hundred students, principle and teachers and also club members attended the session.It was useful and interactive session.Members attended -05 See MoreSee Less
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21 Sep. UN Peace Day Message from President Trish Douglas.
11 Sep. Morocco earthquake. Shine A Light: Brighten Lives for the future.
5 Sep. 19th IIW Convention Facebook. www.facebook/manchester2024/