International Inner Wheel

Where members volunteer in friendship to serve the community

Members of Inner Wheel uphold THREE objectives:
PROMOTING true friendship
ENCOURAGING the ideals of personal service
FOSTERING international understanding

Achieving Presidential Goals 2022-23

Each Inner Wheel year, the IIW President presents a theme and goals for her members to further the bonds of friendship and serve in unity for a better world. Under the theme “Work Wonders”, the goals are:

IIW Goals 2022-23: Next Generation
  1. Recruitment of Next Generation Club Members.
  2. Formation of school or community based Inner Wheel Youth Clubs, wherever allowed or permitted.
  3. Membership net growth of 20% in the Clubs.
  4. Five new clubs in the Districts.  
  5. Restore presence of IW in 104 countries.
  6. Conduct membership summit. 
  7. Making Clubs vibrant. 
  8. Formation of National Governing Bodies.
IIW Goal 2022-23: Membership & Leadership
  1. Leadership competency identification.
  2. Developmental onboarding of officers at all levels.
#3 Goal 2022-23: Monitor Performance
  1. At year end, Clubs will make a self-assessment of goals and targets accomplishments, to be submitted to their National Representatives.
  2. On this basis, an IIW Presidential Citation will be presented to the clubs.
#4 Goal 2022-23: Strong Women Stronger World towards UN SDG
  1. Alignment with UN Sustainable Development Goals
    • Women and girls: promotion of health and well being.
    • Gender equality and empowerment
    • Education.
  2. Eradication of poverty.
  3. Sustained action on hunger and food security.
  4. Clean water and sanitation.
  5. Sustained action on climate change.
  6. Protection of older persons from cybercrimes.
  7. Combat narcotics and drugs.
#5 Goal 2022-23: Communication
  1. Optimise use of technology in the set up of an IIW Global Network System. 
  2. Online reporting forms.
  3. Compliance with data privacy and security.
  4. Accessibility to IIW information within lead time. 
One of six IIW goals 2022-23first we will ensure organizational continuity and adaptability through the 1:04:22 recruitment of next generation members and the formation of school-based 1:04:28 inner real youth clubs let us work for a 20 1:04:33 net membership growth in our clubs each district is encouraged to form five 1:04:40 new clubs look beyond our borders and form new clubs to restore our presence to more 1:04:48 than 100 countries let us conduct a membership summit 1:04:55 to discuss strategies for recruitment and retention of quality 1:05:00 members and extension of clubs let us strive to make our clubs vibrant 1:05:08 by introducing innovation in meetings fellowships and projects 1:05:15 i also encourage the formation of national governing bodies for countries that do not have one 1:05:23 to manage better the districts and clubs in a country
  1. Friendship Link projects across the world: Clubs, Districts and National Governing Bodies.
  2. IIW Centenary: attendance promotion for Convention 2024.
  3. Creation of IIW Foundation which will be the funding arm of IIW.

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Nothing is impossible.How this slogan is being achieved?Yes your friend chairman inner wheel district 340 Rizwana Tabasum Durani with president Sadia Khan of inner wheel Taunsa club district 340 and Volunteers students.Really it was a great challenge for us.Location: tehsil koh suleman tribal area dera ghazi khan.Objectives: flood relief activity for effecties of the tribal area.Travelling duration 15 hours.Convince : 4* 4 wheelers only.Travelling history: It was a most dangerous area controlled by BMP( Border miltery policy) tribes force.After legal formalities team started their journey with heavy loaded luggages for tribal area ( beds,bed sheets,tents,blanket,special things for women & children pillows,clothes,ration,soaps,minral water,bakery items ,cooked food rice.special items were cash payment ,goat sheep accordingly local requirements.)Vehicles rented Complications:Monopoly was faced by 4*4 drivers about drivers.rented a was double than the routine.Only these vehicles could be approched there.Team has to cross the namely darug lahr ,where water was flowing on stones .Land sliding created the problems.Due to heavy rain 🌧️ mud was too much every where.all about was slippy on the stones.People made the path way helping themselves.Qadqa ,sheeru mountain was too much dangerous and complicated ,the voices of people was only reciting KALMA TAUHEED ,SHAHADAT.sun was on the peak of hot temperature,it was really painful to see the destroyed homes.People were hopeless about their reheblitation.With full spirit of services team was energetic without eating something to serve the needy people. They crossed with a lot of hindrance 3 most dangerous water flow called lahr Where Vehicles were about to reverse directionAfter all above mentioned complications we reached to their destination via ghulki ,qadqa,sheeru,main fazla market ,office 1122,dajmak,khoroo,patola,kachi wanga ,many other difficult names of that councils.main point was targeted namely JHANDI TOP,via tribal near to moosa khail,darug ,balochistan province .After this range the opposite side belongs to IRAN border.People were waiting for us.Language was almost balochi. translator were translate in urdu and saraiki as well.Their face were sparking with the light of hope.They also shared the history since 1947 first team is here to help them .it was really really wonder for us.particulary females courage , braveness to visit there.Thank you God*thank you friendsI(Chairman Rizwana Tabasum Durani) made the live coverage on fb interviewed the local people also .After handed over the donations,it was a time to come back .Dark night in mountains were the beautiful natural scenes by Allah almighty sub han Allah the creativity of Allah.They were so much thankful for all of who gave all the donations.Of course my team has to cross all that 3 water floing lahrs ,landsliding ,now it was the darkness of night .moon was giving the beautiful light combination of beauty and light on the stones without cutting. The mission was succeeded Alhumdulilah.Late night every body was here with safe and sound.Only warid and jazz signals were there but the network issue also created the problems.Today,Almighty Allah my team proved that impossible is possible and brave ladies also can lead the team,can manage the journey,can prove their loyalty,at the time of need.Attention please .Now we have to step up for rehablitation at least for 100 people to secure them with shelter (roof) in sha Allah with the support of all the friends as they donated before.Save the humanity and saves the life. See MoreSee Less
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Inner Wheel District 342, Chairman Masooda Jalil, her team, and district clubs especially, Inner Wheel club Islamabad, Inner Wheel club Rawalpindi, Inner Wheel Club of Islamabad Cosmopolitan, and Inner Wheel Club of Islamabad Paramount, have actively participated in the donations. District 342 has sent donations to District 327 for the people of Balochistan who are badly affected by recent floods. The Chairman of District 327, Zara Daas has also sent a special thanks and a letter of appreciation for the thoughtfulness of District 342 for sending Rs 100,000 to the flood victims of Baluchistan. With the club’s contributions collective amount of RS. 278,000 from District 342. The money sent was spent in a medical camp held in a region severely affected by the flood. It is so heartwarming to see that at times of need Inner Wheel Pakistan stands united to serve humanity with exemplary dedication and effort. See MoreSee Less
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