International Inner Wheel

Where members volunteer in friendship to serve the community

Members of Inner Wheel uphold THREE objectives:
PROMOTING true friendship
ENCOURAGING the ideals of personal service
FOSTERING international understanding

Achieving Presidential Goals 2022-23

Each Inner Wheel year, the IIW President presents a theme and goals for her members to further the bonds of friendship and serve in unity for a better world. Under the theme “Work Wonders”, the goals are:

IIW Goals 2022-23: Next Generation
  1. Recruitment of Next Generation Club Members.
  2. Formation of school or community based Inner Wheel Youth Clubs, wherever allowed or permitted.
  3. Membership net growth of 20% in the Clubs.
  4. Five new clubs in the Districts.  
  5. Restore presence of IW in 104 countries.
  6. Conduct membership summit. 
  7. Making Clubs vibrant. 
  8. Formation of National Governing Bodies.
IIW Goal 2022-23: Membership & Leadership
  1. Leadership competency identification.
  2. Developmental onboarding of officers at all levels.
#3 Goal 2022-23: Monitor Performance
  1. At year end, Clubs will make a self-assessment of goals and targets accomplishments, to be submitted to their National Representatives.
  2. On this basis, an IIW Presidential Citation will be presented to the clubs.
#4 Goal 2022-23: Strong Women Stronger World towards UN SDG
  1. Alignment with UN Sustainable Development Goals
    • Women and girls: promotion of health and well being.
    • Gender equality and empowerment
    • Education.
  2. Eradication of poverty.
  3. Sustained action on hunger and food security.
  4. Clean water and sanitation.
  5. Sustained action on climate change.
  6. Protection of older persons from cybercrimes.
  7. Combat narcotics and drugs.
#5 Goal 2022-23: Communication
  1. Optimise use of technology in the set up of an IIW Global Network System. 
  2. Online reporting forms.
  3. Compliance with data privacy and security.
  4. Accessibility to IIW information within lead time. 
One of six IIW goals 2022-23first we will ensure organizational continuity and adaptability through the 1:04:22 recruitment of next generation members and the formation of school-based 1:04:28 inner real youth clubs let us work for a 20 1:04:33 net membership growth in our clubs each district is encouraged to form five 1:04:40 new clubs look beyond our borders and form new clubs to restore our presence to more 1:04:48 than 100 countries let us conduct a membership summit 1:04:55 to discuss strategies for recruitment and retention of quality 1:05:00 members and extension of clubs let us strive to make our clubs vibrant 1:05:08 by introducing innovation in meetings fellowships and projects 1:05:15 i also encourage the formation of national governing bodies for countries that do not have one 1:05:23 to manage better the districts and clubs in a country
  1. Friendship Link projects across the world: Clubs, Districts and National Governing Bodies.
  2. IIW Centenary: attendance promotion for Convention 2024.
  3. Creation of IIW Foundation which will be the funding arm of IIW.

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