Come celebrate 100 years of Inner Wheel friendship and service

7 to 10 May 2024 in Manchester, where Inner Wheel began.
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IIW holds consultative status in the United Nations

Member Clubs provide information on their projects which support the UN commissions, particularly on UN’s Sustainable Development Goals concerning Human Rights, Rights of the Children, Conditions of Women, the Family and the Elderly, and Substance Abuse, focusing on Health, Education, Empowerment and Opportunity. Six Inner Wheel representatives in the UN follow and assist the work sessions of these commissions. This is the advocacy, the work and recognition of International Inner Wheel since 1972. We share this compelling United Nations video.

The Margarette Golding Award

This special honour by International Inner Wheel is given to a person in recognition of highly commendable personal service in a community, involving a great deal of commitment regularly over a long term or great personal sacrifices for the benefit of others. The high standard set for the award makes it highly regarded. Please fill in this MGA form to nominate a candidate of your choice, and submit through an Inner Wheel Club, District or National Governing Body.

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