Project “We Row Together pro Nisida”

Frequenting the rowing environment, the President of IW Club of Costiera Amalfitana, D 210, Italy, Trofimena Forte, had the opportunity to learn about the project “We Row Together” promoted by the Rowing Society “Nisis”.

In the Auditorium of the juvenile prison situated in the small island of Nisida (in the province of Naples), she attended the presentation of the project in favour of children and young men (aged from 14 to 25 years) serving a sentence in that juvenile correctional institute. A great number of regional, local, political and institutional authorities, associations such as Panathlon and the IW Club of Costiera Amalfitana participated in the meeting.

She was struck by the willingness to work hard and give their energy, time and commitment demonstrated by the group of men involved in the organization of the project aiming at integrating, thanks to rowing, the children and young men spending a period of time in prison, with the young athletes of the area, the athletes of the Rowing Society “Nisis”, minors at risk of delinquency or belonging to families in critical situations.

The objectives of such project are those of providing the young people with the tools to develop their self-esteem and sense of responsibility thanks to the values characterising this discipline: courage, honesty towards the opponent, unity to achieve a goal. The IW President immediately thought that she was in the presence of men being inspired by the same International Inner Wheel motto “Unique&United” and therefore the IW Club of Costiera Amalfitana decided to support the initiative, chosen for its social value.

They organized the event “Waiting for Befana” (a kind of old witch who brings toys to children at Epiphany in January 2016 and the funds raised were delivered to the President of the Rowing “Nesis” Society during the second regional indoor rowing Championship on 7 February in Monteruscello, Pozzuoli.

The entire event was recorded and transmitted on TV channel Rai Sport 2.

UNIQUE&UNITED the members of IW Club of Costiera Amalfitana will further support the project thanks to the organization of the event “We Plant Solidarity” on April 30 and May 16, 2016.

We Row Together We Row Together

We Row Together

We Row Together

We Row Together

We Row Together

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