Thelma Pacsoo

Thelma Pacsoo - GB & I


From Childhood, the ethos of my life was encouraged to be “caring and sharing” which equates perfectly with “friendship and service”.

To be elected IIW Board Director is an honour and a privilege and if re-elected, I would aim to build on the knowledge gained this current year, while utilising the experiences that membership of Inner Wheel for more than 30 years has given me and working with the Executive and other Board Directors, accept each challenge that arises, endeavouring to make a positive contribution to the furtherance of Inner Wheel.

Our ever changing world challenges us continually to think outside the box, not least in our efforts to increase membership and improve public awareness of all we stand for.

I am convinced that”the promotion of true friendship” as our first object was no quirk of fate but a well thought out strategy for a firm foundation from which our other objects flow—working together—in friendship—for the good of others—everywhere

Friendship is the key to both maintenance and development.

Working together across continents we can make a difference