Sissy Avgerinou

Sissy Avgerinou - Greece

I joined Inner Wheel as Charter Secretary about 23 years ago, at the age of 27 being a second generation member and the youngest one in my country, Inner Wheel became soon a significant part of my life.  I worked with dedication and enthusiasm, served in all the offices at Club District and national level and participated in International Conventions and European Meetings.

Through service, teamwork, cooperation and friendship and international understanding, I gained qualities that defined my life (personal, social and professional).  I feel I owe a lot to our organization.  When I was honoured with the highest District offices, I had the opportunity to transmit my experience to other young women.  Today that I am not so young I am happy that almost all clubs in my country have a lot of young and 2nd (even 3rd) generation members.

If I was honoured to serve as International Board Director my biggest desire would be to help IIW Executive Committee in the fields of Extension, retention, New Generation Club’s formation and Communication with n/d Clubs.

In the future I dream to see our organization as leader in Women’s Organisations.  There are numerous women’s issues and many of them still remain unsolved.  Women need our help.

In our divided world with such contemporary problems as refugees crisis or terrorism, we should display, IW example: a world network of friendship, international understanding, respect to diversity, team spirit. Modern world needs such an example