Sissy Avgerinou

Sissy Avgerinou - Greece

To be elected as BD is a great honour, a privilege and a challenge to think internationally for the benefit of all IW countries and work with wonderful ladies from all over the world. I will never forget the experience of this year.

If I am honored to be elected for 2018-19 I will continue to intensify my efforts to help IIW Executive Committee in the fields of Extension, Communication with N/D Clubs and contribute in new generation clubs’ formation, especially in countries where existing members ages and they need fresh ideas and initiatives.

Joining IW at the age of 27 (1994), being a second generation member and the youngest one in my country at the time, having served in all the offices at Club, District, National level and participated in International Conventions and European Meetings, I realized that IW can offer to a young woman moral qualities that can define all her life.

When I was honored to serve as District Chairman I could transmit my feelings and experience to younger women and today there are a lot of young and 2nd (even 3rd) generation members in my country. Recently I was the founder of a new club, in which there are a lot of members in their 20s.

My dream is to see our organization becoming a worldwide leader in Women Organizations mainly focused on women issues that still remain unsolved (rapes, violence, trafficking, women refugees…….)

Women need our support.