Pearl Jai Mohan

Pearl Jai Mohan - Malaysia & Singapore

Gift of Hope through International Inner Wheel

Every child has the right to learn to read and write, enjoy safe, healthy learning environments and make informed decisions that impact their lives. Education is the most precious tool for people in developing nations to overcome poverty and I appeal to all members of International Inner Wheel to support this belief and to engage in the commitment to promote education for peace and development. Promotion through community outreach programmes can contribute to getting children and youth motivated about their education, improving their performances and teaching them vital life skills.

The knowledge and skills of healthcare and food security is important to create healthy learning environments. A lack of food security is responsible for malnutrition and other hunger-related diseases continuing to claim the lives of children and families living in poverty or displaced through wars. We can demonstrate our love through water and health projects and medical care services. Starting with a gift of vegetable seeds or providing a starting set of poultry can provide families with a steady supply of nutritious food for families and be a useful starting point for us.

Let us sacrifice a little today so that children can have a better tomorrow. No sacrifice is too big if children around the world are able to build a brighter future for them. Every member of the International Inner Wheel can and should serve the international community through supporting educational and health projects of similar nature.