Margareta Momquvist

Margareta Momquvist - Germany

I am honoured to be nominated for my country to serve as Board Director 2018-19. Inner Wheel has increased to a bigger part of my life. My knowledge about the work worldwide has grown and my commitment has been even bigger. I want to help Inner Wheel growing because I really stand for our ideas and try to live it. I am convinced that Inner Wheel Friendship is a good way to help people getting a better life. I am ready to take responsibility being a Board Director. I was born in Sweden and came to Germany to study Medicine and Dentistry. After Examinations I stayed in Germany. Since 1997 I joined Inner Wheel Club Tecklenburger Land as a charter member. As Club member and Club Chairman I have worked with local projects. Also for Rumania I had a big commitment with a house for street children, a boarding school for poor but intelligent children but also for elderly people in the mountains I was collecting money, clothes and food. I was involved for many years and also had the possibility to see the effect of our help. As Extension Manager from District 87 I had the opportunity to found 2 new Clubs and as National Representative I made friends with lots of women in Germany and abroad. My opportunity to help has grown and I had the chance to support Projects in Ethiopia, Kenia and Nigeria. I have represented Germany at European Meeting in 2015 and 2016. I have visited three World Conventions, three times Rally Charlemagne and once Nordic Rally in Denmark.