Donate while reading

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"Donate while reading"

 Long-term project of Inner Wheel Club Shumen D248 Bulgaria

"Inspire Me" - Renovated outdoor classroom

The main aim of the project is to attract children to read through the joy of helping others. The results of the project are; by reading, children increase their language skills and the ability to express, analyze and interpret literary works and text.

The project is inspired by Martin Roman - the creator of the “Reading helps” website in the Czech Republic. "It is not a question of reading, but also an opportunity to express yourself".


• Shared idea;

• Financing project;

• Contact with partners;

• Choosing books and conducting tests;

• Choice of causes;

• Site preparation;

• Promoting;

• Fundraising.

• The books are divided into 3 age groups (classes of the students at school) from 1 to 4, from 5 to 8, from 9 to 12. The selected books are of different genres - classical and modern.

• Fill a test in the appropriate category or 1 level higher.

• Term to complete the test (5 questions) -6 minutes.

• Successful test-test with 5 completed questions.

• In 4 unsuccessful attempts on one book, it is locked for 1 week.

• For each successful test, for a given book, the student earns 10 credits-virtual currency units, with a BGN    equivalent of BGN 10.

• Each participant is given the opportunity to earn the credits, to allocate them to a cause he / she wanted.

Realized causes:

"Inspire Me" - Renovated outdoor classroom at the "Nancho Popovich" School of Fine Arts in Shumen (amount donated is BGN 2000 leva)

"Care in the First Days of Life" – Perfusor (Infusion Pump) for the Neonatal Department of the University Hospital in Shumen. The value of donation is 1090 BGN leva.

Active causes that collect their credits:

Support for "special" children and young people; "Eyes on Four Paws" - a school for guiding dogs; "Give love and care for children with sick hearts" Organizing Children's "Basketball Festival".

The role of the children is to read books, to decide correctly the tests on the respective books, as a result of which they earn credits and allocate them to the causes published on the site. The goal of the ladies of the club is to provide financial resources for the realization of the causes. Children and their parents have no financial commitments to the project.

117 books with a test

853 registered students from all over the country

929 read books

6680 credits allocated to charity

2 completed causes

10035 leva received on donation account

Current site data


"Care in the First Days of Life" – Perfusor (Infusion Pump) 

"Basketball Festival

Support for "special" children 

 "Eyes on Four Paws" - a school for guiding dogs