Happy Schools

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Feb 17, 2018 |

Happy Schools

A project of all IW Clubs in India increasing the quality of life of many underpriviledged children


Happy school is a project very near to the  heart of all Inner Wheel Clubs in India. Inner Wheel in India is doing outstanding service by providing condusive environment to the  schools where underprivileged children study.

Generally needy Government Schools, mostly in interiors of  India, are turned in to Happy Schools by providing them basic necessities like...

-seperate toilets for girls and boys, hand wash stations, drinking water facility, painting of school building, benches, study materials, sport equipments, computers, room for staff, library, shoes for students etc.

One single club, IWC Sangamner of Dustrict 313 made 21 Happy Schools in last 7 months.

This year, in just last 7 months, 541 happy schools are completed and 183 happy schools are in pipeline. Thus total 724 happy schools will be fully functional by next month increasing the quality of life of many underprivileged children.

IWC Karwar (District 317 ) painted beautifully their adopted Happy School along with other amenities needed by school. Many young lives will change for better because of their efforts in this interior area.


Special Happy school for 'Mentally Challenged Children, was   created by IWC Deonar (District 314) to cater to the specific   needs to these special children. Seen here specially designed   educational and sports material to improve their motor skills.

Hand wash station was built by IWC Jamshedpur ( District 325) with instructions on proper scientific way of washing hands. In their  happy school innovative way to teach children a personal hygiene!


Under the Happy School project, IW Club Roorki ( District 308 ) constructed separate toilets for boys and girls to promote personal hygiene.

IW Club Umargaon ( District 306 ) provided a Water Purifier with  drinking water facility to their adopted Happy School  in  village Bahad. This amenity will keep school children away from  water born diseases.


IWC Warangal ( District 315) made "Rayaparthi Primary School" a Happy School where they donated foot wear to all students for their safety and Personal hygiene.

IWC Kanpur Brahmavarta (District 311)  built a hand wash station with other amenities for their happy school.


IW Club of New Bombay ( District 314 ) painted classrooms of their happy school with colourful informative  pictures  and donated benches making students happy.

Under the 'Happy School project' IW Club Tiruchi Malaikottai of District 321  donated 50 School bags & 50 shoes in 2 adopted schools.