Everything is Different

The IW Club of Freiburg D86, Germany made a difference by giving roses to women to celebrate and honor World Women’s Day


The original idea was to recognize women by giving them a rose on World Women’s Day. The IW Club of Freiburg/District 86/Germany then procured and sold long-stemmed fair trade roses to companies, doctor's surgeries, law firms and retail shops in and around Freiburg. On 8th March, the roses were given to female employees, customers or patients in order to acknowledge World Women’s Day and to say 'thank you'. In 2017 about 70 organizations participated and more than 4000 roses were sold. As the procurement price for the roses was 1€ and the sale price was 2€, the IW Club of Freiburg made a profit of 4,500 €, which was then used to help fund a project called “Everything is Different”. It is an initiative that supports children, adolescents and young adults who have lost a close relative or friend. The idea of the project is to give them the opportunity to meet other young mourners and spend part of their free time together. One of the activities was to take care of horses. In March 2018 the IW Club of Freiburg will sell roses again, selecting a new initiative to support and by doing so, continue to make a difference to the community.                                                                                            

The photo taken by Florian Forsbach, professional photographer