"Sentieri DiVersi"

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Dec 22, 2017 |

 "Sentieri DiVersi"​  

 INTERNATIONAL POETRY AWARD "Sentieri DiVersi" held in the extraordinary Auditorium of Amaldi Lyceum sited in Bitetto (Bari) in Italy on 9th December 2017

Inner Wheel Club of Bari Alto Casamassima has been happy to collaborate with the Associations "Il Cigno Bianco Onlus" and "Arma Aeronautica".  With the Patronage of UNICEF and REGIONE PUGLIA, they have been able to allow the implementation of the Second Edition of the mentioned International Award. After Skype links with the award-winning "Poets Boys" from India and Nigeria, various prizes were awarded to girls and boys coming from many Regions of Italy (Lombardy, Piedmont, Latium, Marche, Calabria, Apulia, etc.).The intrinsic significance of the Manifestation was that of seizing among many "Diversities" the common guiding spirit of POETRY that pushes all that’s cultural to progress and to the best for a better society. Touching the performance of Rita, the visually impaired girl, with a wonderful voice.


The main Organizer and President of this international event have been Mirella Musicco, member of  Inner Wheel Club Bari Alto Casamassima,  who also edited the publication of the relative Anthological version.

This event has touched the souls of all participants and especially of the disabled people who all felt happy and free from their impediments to participating in the highest form of Art that is Poetry. Surely this was an event that will leave a lasting legacy on everyone's hearts.

Different Paths (in the sense of the wide diversities illustrated) but also Paths of Verses to reach together the only path passable by humanity, that of Peace and Mutual Understanding.

Because………. "There are no great discoveries, no real progress until there is an unhappy child on the Earth" (Albert Einstein).