Books donation

IW Club Banja Luka, Non-Districted Club, donates books for Gymnasium


Gymnasium Banja Luka is the oldest school facility in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Hercegovina. It has a long tradition and rich experience in education. The school library needs new books, so members of the IW Club of Banja Luka, have made a decision about the donation of the required books. A librarian Mrs. Mirjana Nisavić gave a list of required titles so 10 books per title were bought. A small, but a friendly ceremony was held at the Gymnasium Library on November 8th, 2017 where Mrs. Brankica Bajic president of the IW club Banja Luka submitted a valuable donation. Eight members of the club attended the ceremony. Mirjana Nisavić, a librarian, thanked for the precious gift that came to the right time because the previous examples of these books were greatly destroyed and devastated. The members were proud because the books are something that leaves a lasting legacy and leaving them to children makes their joy even bigger.