Pet Therapy

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Jun 25, 2017 |

Pet Therapy

Inner Wheel Club of Augusta, D211, Italy, organized a Pet Therapy Day in favour of children with various disabilities.

Zooanthropology, commonly known as Pet Therapy, is a gentle therapy based on the interaction between man and animal. It represents a co-therapy for the treatment of many diseases of the adult, the elderly and especially of the child.

The interaction with the animal creates an affective state of affection that promotes relationships with the outside world, exploration and emotional balance, thus facilitating traditional medical and rehabilitative therapies.

The Inner Wheel Club of Augusta, organized last October in town a Pet Therapy Day in favour of children with various disabilities. The event took place at the Sports Hall and the surrounding open spaces of the Navy Command in Augusta. The children met with the cute dog Saro and his trainer, Dr. A. Asero, a psychologist and President in Catania of the Social Cooperative Society of Applied Zooanthropology “The friends of Lorenz”.

After Dr Asero had explained the right way to approach a dog and establish contact with it, true moments of joy followed among the children who immediately established an empathetic bond with their new friend.

The Inner Wheel Club members set up then an afternoon snack for the participants, greeted the children and thanked the parents who had taken part in the initiative as well as the teachers and the school leaders. This service has emphasized the importance of improving the quality of life of man through the love of the dog and its countless therapeutic qualities.