Live For the Moment

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Jun 25, 2017 |

Live For the Moment

The IW Club of Trento Castello, D206, Itlay  "lives for the moment" : culture, making friends, but also raising awareness of the universal ethical principles in view of the theme “Touch the Heart”

The event kicks off with the opening ceremony for the exhibition featuring works by the artist Franco Murer, entitled “Il coraggio e la forza delle donne, anche in Guerra” (The Courage and Strength of Women, even in War). Wars, wars, wars, when will they end?

The exhibited works were very meaningful and were able to convey great emotion; this is where the awareness campaign “toccare il cuore” (touching the heart) all began. It is a big contribution to the theme of the role of women, not just in the family but also in civil society, economics, politics and war.

The message begins with the presence of women in the First World War, then in the Second World War, up until the tragic modern day. An appeal for greater “universal ethics” or towards acting in a more ethical manner, to unite towards disarmament and the creation of European policies that place the individual – and not interests – at the heart of actions.

At the same time as promoting awareness of issues concerning the status of women and, more generally, democratic equality, our Club has sought to carry out an intense cultural work, designed internally, aimed at developing the study and debate of the main topics of social interest.


It should become a new frontier for Inner Wheel International and for the female world, which has a generational obligation that is crucial, now more than ever, to the future of young people, to interpret culture as a factor of innovation. No longer culture as an end in itself, but an awareness of personal everyday life, in a transformed world in which the digital revolution tends to divert attention from values and universal principles.

This concept is becoming the heritage of Inner Wheel, as an associative organisation that welcomes young minds and therefore opens the doors wide to dialogue, in a vision of freedom and equality that fulfils the principals of universal ethics on which our lives should be based.

In addition to the exhibition, there were many influential events, most notably WOMEN AND WARS, an important conference organised by the Autonomous Province of Trento, recognising the high value of the Inner Wheel exhibition for the whole city.

In February 2017, it was our great honour to attend ROTARY DAY 2017, w organised by eleven Rotary Clubs of the Trentino Alto Adige region to celebrate 100 years of the Rotary Foundation. They couldn’t have chosen a more prestigious location for the event: the MUSE (Trento Science Museum). A day full of conferences based on topics of great scientific, ethic and social value, such as WATER, VACCINATIONS, CLIMATE and NUTRITION. Let us not forget that the International Rotary eradicated polio, bringing the disease rate down by 99.9%!

Our TRENTO CASTELLO Club took part with three talks, spread throughout the day and led by our President, Loredana Bettonte, presented with two goals in mind: “Touch the Heart and OPEN YOUR MIND”.

The first talk, entitled “The Brain and Sensory Learning” gave an overview of brain function, at all ages, the dynamics and stages of learning and the importance of keeping your brain in training: “Use it or lose it!”.

The second talk, “Why to Think in Images”, was on the importance of using images to organise the assimilation of information, in order to store it as permanent memories. This included some greatly appreciated and useful tips on how to prevent senile dementia.

Finally, the third talk, on Specific Learning Disorders (SLD), featured some observations on the current situation and the approach of schools towards dispensatory or compensatory measures to deal with disorders such as dyslexia and being fully aware of the fact that it is not a disease so therefore must not be treated as such. A day full of interesting and proactive ideas. Once again, our club “lives for the moment”. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to our Rotary friends for this opportunity.

While our project was busy touching people’s hearts, in March we celebrated the tenth anniversary of the Club, which was founded in March 2007. Ten years of life, made possible thanks to the commitment and determination of members who have believed and continue to believe, despite the many difficulties, in designing and creating services and undertaking cultural journeys for people and with people.

Being part of the Inner Wheel means building and sharing great projects that cannot be based on individual initiatives, but are created by working together and broadening our capabilities. We must give more room to ideas and to young people by explaining the reasons why they should devote themselves with enthusiasm to our association. This was the thought behind the President’s wish to hold a celebratory evening to remember in friendship our years together.

The evening was called: DIECI ANNI ASSIEME, INCaNti d’Amore e di DoNNe ... CHe aMaNo troppo (TEN YEARS TOGETHER: the Enchantment of love and women…who love too much). An wonderful concert livened up the evening and got everyone in the mood. After partying and having enjoyed a delicious chocolate cake, the President presented each guest with a keepsake. An truly pleasurable evening in the presence of the 206 District Governor, Lina de Gioa Carabellese Cormio, accompanied by Secretary, Laira Favot Bertolin and Trento Rotary President, Club Padrino, Lino Benassi, alongside his wife Giulia. In front of many dear friends, Presidents of other Clubs and of one truly great and rewarding group of members, three new members were presented with their pins.

There was a particularly charged moment, when the Paul Harris Fellow was presented the President, who, moved and touched, thanked the members for this prestigious honour and was especially happy because the Club at the same time, performed and important service for the Rotary Foundation.

We have sought to describe a three-month glimpse into the life of a Club that feels a strong generational responsibility of passing on the Inner Wheel values to young people, on whom all of our interests and projects should be focused. Culture, memory, awareness and training ... all in friendship and harmony ... for a FUTURE in INNER WHEEL