Life Education


Inner Wheel Finland members were proud to present National Project - Life Education to IIW President Oluyemisi Alatise. Our National Project is executing an international Health Education Program aimed at children between ages 3-13.

In Finland alone over 27 000 children participate in the program annually. A different, positive approach to children’s health and drug education since 2001 have been in focus of Inner Wheel Finland service activities.

Madam President Oluyemisi Alatise acquainted with a lesson of the Health and Drug Education in Rastaala School in Espoo on Monday 12th of September 2016. During the interactive lesson by portable training unit the visitors experienced how the school children saw the human body as a unified system of which every component and aspect needed good care in order to prevail healthy life. This project is under the Preventive Healthcare program making Happier Future.