Members of Inner Wheel Norway create Happier Futures for Women and Children

The members of Inner Wheel Norway have worked through many years with 4 main projects, together with many small projects towards creating Happier Futures for women and children.

Fistula Project

Our International main project is the “Fistula project”, were we help girls/young women in Ethiopia, who are suffering from “Fistula” after childbirth and various mutilations such as rape. IW Norway has donated money to educate 4 midwifes to help these young women and we have bought a vehicle for transportation to the hospital.

IW Norway, Fistula Project


Narcotics Dogs

Our national project is the struggle against Narcotics. IW Norway donates money to the Custom authority for buying and training sniffer dogs. One dog ready for use cost approximately NOK 1.500 000, - (need about 2 year to train a dog ready for use) and we have in the last 3 year supported them with       NOK 450 000. - (ca £38700)

IW Norway - Narcotics Dogs



IW Norway support Rotary and their project Handicamp. This camp is for both disabled and healthy persons between the ages of 18-28 years. The camp is arranged every second year. Next in 2016.

IW Norway - Handicamp


Children In Greenland

Since Convention in Istanbul, Denmark, Finland and Norway work together collecting money to give Children in Greenland a better life and future. (Happier Futures). The donated money will be hand over to the Organisation “Grønlandske Børn” at the Convention in Copenhagen 2015.

 IW Norway, Finland & Denmark - Greenland Project

Helene M Torkildsen - Nat.Repr. Norway 2013-2015