Nina Kalt-Leenslag

Nina Kalt-Leenslag - Netherlands


My motivation is to increase public awareness on what our worldwide organization dies and how we can contribute to our society.  By doing so, I hope to ensure continuation and expanding our international efforts for a better world in an enjoyable and organized way.

To stay successful as an organization, we need to balance between what needs changing and what should remain as is.  One of my goals is to challenge the Inner Wheel members to find innovations, new ideas and practices.  Friendship, Personal service and International understanding are the key words to achieve this goal.

WE CAN BE PROUD THAT Inner wheel does matter in the world.  It is good that we show what Inner Wheel means and achieves.  That we enable people in our area to contribute to the realization of out Mission “Happier Futures, Better Lives

I became a member of Inner Wheel in 1997.  During my role as president of my club, my District as well as my country (The Netherlands) I’ve learned the value of our worldwide organization and become involved with the mission.  As Chairman of the Extension Committee, I currently work, in close cooperation with our districts, to extend the membership of the clubs and to establish new clubs.

Inspired by visiting the European Meetings and the IIW Conventions I’m strongly motivated.  I work in several organisations (health sector), but Inner Wheel is my passion.