Kinta Valley welcome President Phyllis

Posted by | Feb 05, 2020 |

s part of her whirlwind tour of duty, on 19th January, 2020, the day after World Inner Wheel Day celebration in Taiping, President Phyllis accompanied by Past District Governor (Rotarian) Paul Charter and National Representative (Districts 330 and 331) Juanita Lee, took a one-hour scenic road trip southwards along Kinta Valley to the city of Ipoh.

They stayed at an idyllic hotel resort, aptly called The Haven, facing a lake surrounded by tall limestone hills and covered with velvety green pristine forest. The jogging trail that threads its way around the foot of the hill beckons the early riser to savour the unique beauty of tropical flora and cool misty air.

Towards the night, the three Inner Wheel Clubs of Ipoh East, Ipoh and Ioras Ipoh (a new generation club) led jointly by Club Presidents Prema Nair and Catherine Govindaraju, and Club Secretary Kerynaa Ixora, fêted President Phyllis to a fellowship dinner at a fine dining Chinese restaurant. Among the 43 present to welcome were Rotarian spouses who were promptly inducted into the “outerwheel club” by PDG Paul. Such was the light-heartedness and humour surrounding the event.

Others present were District Extension Chair Parimala Satheesan with spouse PP (Rotarian) Satheesan Gopalan, and Past Board Director and recent recipient of the Margaret Golding Award, Pearl Jai Mohan. Visiting from District 331 were Chairman (and Past Board Director) Shirin Ghadiali, and Club President Rachel Rayah Kumar of Kota Kinabalu club. After the customary exchange of bannerettes and friendly toasts, the dinner commenced with the “prosperity toss” (a local custom during the coming Lunar New Year = Watch it here!), with everyone singing out wishes for abundance, good health and a fulfilling year. The mood was relaxing and everyone was chattering and freely mingling through the night.

It was a rare opportunity to be up close and personal to our International Inner Wheel President. President Phyllis was inspirational as she opened our hearts to better understand the objectives that we stand for and the roles that each of us have in working together towards making a better world.

Cheng Yeok San