President Chris Kirby’s visit to Greece

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Apr 15, 2019 |

It was a great honor for us the presence of the President of I.I.W. Christine Kirby in Greece and at the Women for Europe No. 9 conference which was organized with great success by the 247 District Inner Wheel Greece and the Inner Wheel Club of Syros from the 4th till 7th of April 2019. President Christine Kirby is a distinguished and exceptional personality who combines leadership along with the cordial, delightful and friendly confronting of all the Inner Wheel problems and especially all those which refer to the empowerment and evolvement of Inner Wheel.  In this way, she encourages the renewal of the clubs and the cooperation that is developed between old and new members with fruitful understanding, in a friendly atmosphere.Her attendance at the conference as well as her speech at all events was excellent and all the participants from Europe and from other areas were very enthusiastic about the close acquaintance with her.


During her stay in Greece, our President Chris had a sightseeing at Acropolis and Parthenon and she walked to the historical places of old Athens. On Sunday, it had been arranged to meet in the centre of Athens and along with the Chairman of 247 District I.W. of Greece Debbie Varotsou and the former BD Rosmarie Nicolacopoulou. We watched the change of guards at the Unknown Soldier monument, in front of the Parliament and then we had a photo in front of the First University of Greece. This was built after the liberation of Greece from Turkey in 1837, close to the First Library and the Academy of Sciences.Then we had a constructive conversation about Inner Wheel with President Chris at Great Britain Hotel, where we enjoyed a light meal.


The following day she was guided by the Board Director Sissy Avgerinou to the old city of Athens, who also accompanied President Chris on her trip to the Historic Island of Syros. The 9th “Women for Europe” Conference was highly organized by the Inner Wheel Club of Syros. The program followed accurately with many surprises and events. (See Program below). At the opening day of the Conference, we attended marvelous adult’s and children’s chorus at the Theater of Syros, and also attended Greek dances from various Cycladic islands and other islands of Aegean Sea with Greek music. Then a dinner was offered at the City Hall building. The following day, we enjoyed prominent speakers who highlighted the problems faced by today’s children. Then the roundtable works that took place in three halls had fruitful results for the children who are going to lead the world into the 22nd century. 



Download Conference Program - Women for Europe 9


Maria Pliarchopoulos - N.R. 247D. I.W. Greece 2018-19