President Bina's Inner Wheel Day Message

Posted by | Jan 10, 2021 |


I extend my Hearty Congratulations to all my very dear friends in Inner Wheel on the occasion of the celebration of the 97th Inner Wheel Day.

What started as a small Inner Wheel Club on January 10, 1924 has grown today into the largest Women’s Voluntary Service Organisation.

On this 97th Birthday of our Inner Wheel today, we fondly remember with gratitude and salute our Founder President Mrs. Oliver Golding for gifting us a beautiful worldwide Organisation of which we are all proud.

Friends World is changing, times are changing, circumstances are changing, infrastructure is changing & needs are changing. We have to remember that with time, our practices do lose their utility and have to be replaced. Inner Wheel is a wonderful Organisation with tremendous global woman power.

It is time our Organisation goes through a transformation, a complete metamorphosis. We need to rethink & redesign our ideas.

With the challenges we are facing today, we need to:

  • Plan & Develop a Positive Vision for our Organisation
  • Accelerate our Growth in Membership and Clubs
  • Accelerate the induction of young Members which will bring new thoughts, new ideas, new energy & new vision
  • Increase the number of countries encompassing IW
  • Make IW financially strong & Independent through proper investments for developing & equipping our Members with the required skills
  • Re-zone countries based on their Membership
  • Empower leadership at all levels – Clubs, Districts, National & International
  • Be transparent & avoid hidden agendas
  • Work collectively on common Goals
  • Plan & Implement big, massive Projects benefitting thousands of beneficiaries
  • Work with higher involvement in the Programs of the United Nations
  • Collaborate for Projects with other IW Clubs, NGOs, Government Departments, local Municipalities & benefit from their Programs/Schemes for reaching out to beneficiaries
  • Flexibility in our approach to IW – because rigidity in our working will push IW 40-50 years back.

    Change has to come in our thinking, working, beliefs, communication, behaviour, interpersonal relations, our attitudes and in our entire approach to Inner Wheel.

    It is time we shake ourselves up and fill ourselves with the air that is significant, productive, positive & meaningful.

    Innovation & Change are happening at almost all levels in the world & Inner Wheel is no exception.

    IW is not just an Organisation, but a religion …. It is now our way of life - of selfless service that is done spontaneously with no expectations.

    We need to continue the tradition of our predecessors in Commitment, Increased Passion, Sacrifice….

    As we are approaching the centennial year of Inner Wheel in 2024, let’s recommit ourselves to retain the very essence of friendship, fellowship and harmonious working with each other & remember that it is only with sensitivity, empathy and compassion that we can develop a common Vision and Mission for our Organisation.

    Our Organisation is of the Members, for the Members and by the Members all over the world.

    Change has to take place at the grassroot level – i.e. our Clubs…. It is for our Members to take charge, voice opinions, give suggestions & demand changes for our Organisation……. So that we can LEAD THE CHANGE for a better Inner World world, which we are all very eager to establish – Inner Wheel of a New Order….. A New Inner Wheel…

    Lots of Love and Best Wishes on our Birthday to all!!