My “INNER WHEEL” bouquet

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Jun 26, 2020 |

26th June 2020

How I would love to meet you all personally to present you with a bouquet of flowers for all the commitments that you have given in time and energy as Inner Wheel Members and especially for everything that is being achieved during these forever changing times with the Covid-19 pandemic.

As I cannot present them to you in person, can you close your eyes and imagine what my beautiful Inner Wheel Bouquet of Flowers would consist of as a thank you - from me to you.

In making this bouquet I would use ten flowers to indicate Inner Wheel:-

I – Iris – Friendship

N – Narcissus – Stay as sweet as you are

N – Nigella - Thoughtfulness

E – Edelweiss – Courageous

R – Rose – dark pink – Thank you

W – Wisteria – A warm welcome

H – Hollyhock – Ambition

E – Elderflower – Compassion

E – Evening Primrose – Sweet memories

L – Lily of the valley – Happiness

We all love flowers and this will be my penultimate message to you as President – so please accept this bouquet as a THANK YOU for being you - a member of Inner Wheel – for your friendship and support.

It has been a year with a difference, in two parts. The first part where we all enjoyed doing the things that we enjoy doing, Business Meetings, Conferences – or just meeting and enjoying friendship. But the second part, when the corona virus appeared on our doorsteps and changed our lives overnight, meant no Meetings – no Conferences - not even able to meet with our families. Yes the world was upside down!!

However, I think this Covid-19 pandemic showed that Inner Wheel Members are a strong and resilient group, who are Inspirational and Innovative. Inner Wheel Members worldwide have helped in so many ways to always make the impossible – possible. We have alleviated some of the problems facing so many at this very sad time and Inner Wheel members have made a tremendous difference.

We have proven that “together we can” make dreams come true - no matter what the challenge -confirming our place as the world’s largest and premium women’s voluntary service organisation.

Thank you to every member, in whatever capacity that you have helped and supported this year, and I hope that you enjoy this bouquet of flowers as a thank you - from me to you.

Please stay safe – my thoughts and prayers are with you all.

In friendship, love