President Phyllis says "We'll meet again".

Posted by International Inner Wheel | May 08, 2020 |

IIW President Message 8-5-2020

After some of the longest and fearsome months in our lives, are some of us beginning to see light at the end this very dark tunnel called Covid-19? Slowly, one by one, many countries are beginning to ease their restrictions on lockdown. Some just for a few hours of exercise, others dipping their toes into the unknown by slowly opening schools and small businesses. We must all pray that this virus does not come back in a second wave, as many of us have no resistance due to our imposed isolation.

Stay home – Stay safe will slowly become “Stay alert – Stay safe”. We must all keep safe and keep our families safe as we bring a little normality into our lives so that in turn we will be able to help all those women and children who live on the edge and whose lives have been turned upside down.

This weekend I know of two celebrations. On Friday 8th May – VE Day many will be quietly celebrating the 75th anniversary of the end of World War Two. The losses to families around the world still leave scars in many families. For others it will be, how do we celebrate Mothering Sunday? In GB&I this special Sunday was celebrated back in March when we were in total isolation. For all the Mothers that will be celebrating this Sunday, may I join with you and say a big “thank you” for being that special person.

In GB&I we have two very well-known songs. The first being –“You will never walk alone” – is used as a football club song but has been sung during the last few weeks as a celebration song by Michael Ball with a gentleman by the name of Captain Tom Moore who has walked 100 lengths of his garden to celebrate his 100th birthday to raise money for the National Health Service. With the sponsorship of so many around the world he has raised about 32 million GBP, what an achievement and what an example of what can be done with the right publicity.

The second well-known song is “We'll meet again” by the war time singer Vera Lynn and will be sung and heard many times as we commemorate VE day.

Just think how these two songs could be sung during this Covid-19 time of our lives. Inner Wheel members never let anyone “walk alone”, as they are always there to lend a hand and give support for anyone that needs our help. The second song, “We'll meet again”, is what all Inner Wheel members are waiting for. Although many Members are enjoying the new type of “virtual” meetings that we are using – we are all waiting for the day when we can meet a friend close up as we normally would.

The talents of Inner Wheel members are tremendous and you are a credit to the name of Inner Wheel and our organisation. Thank you for being you – Thank you for being Inner Wheel.

Without a proven and freely available Vaccine we will not be able to move around locally or further afield as we would like to, so we have to be careful and take one step at a time keeping this virus at bay and not make a bigger problem for the world. By working Together we can overcome this crisis and return to making the impossible possible and show others that there is light at the other end of the tunnel - all in the name of INNER WHEEL.

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing during this crisis – Please “Stay Alert – Stay Safe”.

My thoughts are with you and your families.

Love and best wishes,