IIW President's May Day Message

Posted by International Inner Wheel | May 01, 2020 |

As we start this new month and look for a ray of sunshine behind the dark clouds, let us all stand together and be positive knowing that the skills that we have will strengthen the bonds of friendship within Inner Wheel - for since my last message much has happened around the world.

As with life, some is good and some is bad.

We have to look at the good first, as many of us are seeing a glimpse of light at the end of that dark tunnel of “lockdown”, with a few countries very slowly opening the door to a new life of social distancing, even if it is for many a life behind a mask when in public places.

The bad news however is that every day we hear of hardships increasing, with many poor and homeless families wondering where their next meal is coming from to the fear by millions more, who thought that they had a stable and secure future, of receiving a message that their skills will no longer be required as their employers business is no longer viable.

The fact is that life as we have all known it will not return to “normal” for many years and with the resulting increase in hardship for all these families and their children the demands upon service organisations like Inner Wheel will be very difficult to prioritise.

Every day, I already see and hear of Inner Wheel members giving support to these people in their community, often putting themselves at risk. All we can say is, we are extremely proud of you but please all stay safe and keep within your country’s guidelines.

The information, videos and photos that you have sent me – and viewed by the world – proves that as Members of Inner Wheel you are Inspirational, Innovative and a credit to the name of our wonderful organisation. Whether you are on the front line or giving your support in the background, you are helping in so many different ways. Please keep up the good work – and please take care.

What the world is seeing is the true Inner Wheel spirit and its core values.

Our Objects are to promote true friendship – to encourage the ideals of personal service - to foster international understanding. Where would we be if we did not value and use these so very important words? With many members going that extra step with service, what is more rewarding than to know that at the end of a long day you have friends to enjoy a smile with? This friendship is often as valuable as the service because seeing or hearing from each other with zoom, skype or whatever modern technology you and your friends choose to use, gives you strength. It may not be in close contact but it is very rewarding.

When I was a child and it was a sunny day I used to say that “the sun has got his hat on and he is coming out to play”. We are the sunshine for many people, so let us put our hats on and prove how versatile the membership of Inner Wheel is. Whether it is service hats – frontline hats – behind the scenes hats – caring hats – friendship hats – or even smiling hats, hopefully it will not be too long before we can wear our meeting hats and enjoy each other’s company.

Please carry on with all your good work in helping so many in the name of Inner Wheel and remember that whatever you do in your daily life - always do it with a tender heart.

As well as my weekly message, I hope that many of you are enjoying my daily “thought of the day” that Rizwana from D343 puts on her site. Thank you Rizwana it keeps me on the ball!

I can only hope that the news we hear every day will keep improving - but please stay safe. I send my thanks and good wishes to you, your families and all who are achieving the impossible in the name of INNER WHEEL.

Love and best wishes,