President Phyllis' Message to Inner Wheel

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Apr 24, 2020 |

“Behind every cloud is a ray of sunshine” and as Inner Wheel members take that extra step and go that extra mile to bring sunshine to so many, it proves to me that this world is full of little “rays of sunshine”

So many members within their clubs are helping directly and indirectly to keep the wheels turning. It is wonderful to read on Facebook and the web what Inner Wheel members do best –that is helping others in these most difficult times. However, even then we only see a small percentage of what Inner Wheel Members are achieving in their communities.

Without the Members of Inner Wheel, many families and children around the world would be without food, clothing and the many other items that you have handed out unconditionally. On behalf of these people may I say a very big “THANK YOU”.

Receiving so many messages informing me of the many different ways that you are working together to achieve the impossible, reminds me of one of my quotes from St Francis of Assisi – "Start by doing what is necessary, then do what is possible and suddenly you are doing what is impossible".

I am proud to be an Inner Wheel Member with friends holding hands around the world making the impossible possible.

Let us not forget those who are on the frontline in the hospitals or behind the scenes keeping our utilities in action and food on the shelves, I have thanked you all in my messages before but I wish to thank you all again.

Even with the majority of Inner Wheel Members still in lockdown or social isolation, we are proving that “together we can” all make a difference to the world by remembering the person on their own. Having a chat, seeing a face – although at a distance - can put a smile on a face and prove that “Behind every cloud is a ray of sunshine”

The IIW Executive and the Governing Body regularly hold Zoom meetings to keep up to speed with these ever changing times. Like many others, we have quickly mastered these virtual meetings where we are able to hear each other and have discussions rather than contact via email. We will be holding more of these meetings in the future.

The banking facilities for the IIW Covid-19 Disaster and Vaccination Fund is set and ready to receive donations – all National and District Treasurers will be receiving information on how to support this fund.

As all these restrictions are eased, we will have to remember that isolation has left the majority of us all with no immunity to the virus and we will look at the world in a different way until vaccination is freely available enabling us to “get back to normal” with our regular meetings and social contact.

In the meantime I am sure that I speak for you all when I say that my prayers and thoughts are with those members and others who are fighting this virus or have lost members of their families.

Keep safe, keep well so that “Together we can save lives”,