World Health Day - Message from Phyllis

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Apr 07, 2020 |

Tuesday 7th April - World Health Day

On this day, let all Inner Wheel Members not only recognise and celebrate the advances of medical care that we all receive but more importantly let us all open our hearts and offer our prayers to all those that are suffering the effects or have suffered losses due to this terrible corona virus.

Inner Wheel is awake somewhere around the world 24 hours a day 7 days a week, with some of us seeing Spring around the corner and others slowly going into Winter. But one thing that we have in common is the sense of being one family where we care for each other. I am proud of being part of that family and the strength that we can give each other not just on World Heath Day, but every day in these difficult times.

May you and your families all keep safe and well so that “Together we can” all enjoy good health.

With all my love, Phyllis