Stay at home, save lives and stay safe.

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Apr 06, 2020 |

Felow Inner Wheel Members, a few more days have passed since my last message and most of us are still in “social isolation”.

Firstly, can I say that my prayers and thoughts are with you all and especially to those Members who have suffered losses within their families, friends and neighbours.

It is wonderful to hear from many of you personally and to read on Facebook what fantastic work you are all doing in your communities where you continue to help in so many different ways.

We also have to be there for our own members – especially members that are on their own. Not only helping with shopping, collecting medicines, etc., but by making contact either by email, WhatsApp or by that very welcome telephone call – just to say “Hello, how are you”?

As well as helping members you are helping the local and wider communities – there are so many that now need our help to keep our countries in action – Doctors, Nurses, Ambulances, Police, and all the key workers that work behind the scenes to keep the wheels turning, such as Carers, hospital porters, cleaners, refuse workers, food and medicine distributors, even farmers. Being from a farming family, I must also mention farmers who are working all hours to put milk and fresh produce on the shelves of supermarkets and local shops.

Amongst these key workers are many of our own Inner Wheel members and their families - we all admire your continued workload and commitment. Can I personally thank you all for whatever you are doing in the name of Inner Wheel – THANK YOU.

With the WHO, Governments, The Gates Foundation and other wealthy organisations donating so much to find a vaccine for this virus we can only hope that it will be available to us all in the very near future.

However, I feel that our strength and assets will be when the lockdown is over and we have our freedom. This is when Inner Wheel will be called upon to help so many that will be left as widows, widowers, homeless, without a job – not forgetting those women and children that already depend upon us. It is going to be a world that we do not know but Inner Wheel, the world’s largest voluntary service organisation, will prove to be inspirational and innovative in making this world a safer and better place for all.

Not knowing when this virus will come to a halt, we are all learning new skills for virtual Club and District meetings, coffee mornings, dinner meetings – not to mention keep fit, sing-a-long and knit and natter meetings. We can also use these “new” skills to our advantage and let the world know that Inner Wheel is alive and active. Be proud of what you are doing for the communities and keep placing it on social media.

You are all making me proud to be an Inner Wheel member and proud of all that you are doing but - other than our Key Workers - Please stay at home, save lives and stay safe.