President Phyllis's Message to IW Members

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Mar 16, 2020 |

With the coronavirus spreading uncontrollably around the World, my thoughts and prayers are with each and every one of you as you try to understand and abide by all the rules that are applicable in your own countries. Some of these are voluntary and others strictly imposed but, whichever they are, they will cause isolation and possibly a feeling of helplessness.

Inner Wheel Members are by their very nature social and outgoing; more used in times of adversity to helping others than themselves. Whilst not forgetting those families and children that turn to us in difficult times, I ask you to keep in touch with one another on a Local, National and International basis, so that we do not let any of our own Members feel that they have to cope with this social isolation alone.

Together we can reach out and strengthen our Inner Wheel friendships and have contact with each other via WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and all other social media. By using these ways of communication we can show how small the World is and how large Inner Wheel is.

We are all treading into the unknown but I know that you will all be innovative and inspirational in keeping our Inner Wheel spirit alive, so that we can be ready for when the World rights its self on its axis and returns to normality.

Together we can be strong and continue to hold hands around the World whilst remembering each other and all those who we help or live on their own and are vulnerable in our thoughts and prayers.

With all my love to you and your families,

Phyllis Charter

President, International Inner Wheel