ND IW Club of St Augustine, Trinidad & Tobago

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ND IW Club of St Augustine, Trinidad & Tobago



IWC St Augustine handover IWC St Augustine handover 2 Spring Village Hindu School

 IWC St Augustine handover P.P. Merle Balbirsingh being honoured by outgoing Henny Charran IWC St Augustine handover  oldest member Florie Girwar 90th birthday 

IWC St Augustine handover 5 Past Pres outgoing P Henny Charran Member Parliament Prakash Ramadhar Incoming P Geeta Balroop

IWC St Augustine handover  IWC St Augustine handover 7 Incoming P. Geeta Balroop Outgoing P. Henny Charran

IWC St Augustine handover Celebrating 30 years in service

September 13th 2015 – 1st meeting for 2015/16 held at President Greeta’s home

October – cancer month was recognised by the club with a very informative lecture form member, Dr Cherrita Ramsaran

November 13th The club memebrs sponsored a successful Vision Screniong Initiative at Five Rivers Hindu School and Five Rivers Islamic TIA School

December 16th 2015 2015 The club members joined together to donate a Brother Multifunctional Printer to the El Dorado North Hindu School

March 19th 2016 – Inner Wheel Annual Blood Drive

 IWC St. Augustine Blood Drive March 19_2016