MGA - Renate Eckart

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Mar 08, 2017 |

Margarette Golding Award — Renate Eckart

Renate is a member of IW Club of Munster Prinzipal, D87, Germany and was presented with a Margarette Golding Award in October 2016 for her work with Sternenland e.V

Sternenland eV is a center for mourning children, young people and their families as well as for all people affected by death and grief.


Death is part of our life – but that fact causes fear.

“Remember: with our own death, we merely die, but with the death of others we have to live.“ (Mascha Kaléko).

When children and adolescents lose their mother or father they are often helpless and speechless. Also, other family members do not know how to handle daily-life when what made life “normal” before, now is changing...

The Assocation Sternenland e.V. is a place for children, adolescents and their families mourning the loss of a relative and for every person touched by death.

Our experts have pedagogical and psychological background and offer support taking the individual experience of grief into consideration.

The work of Sternenland depends on donations. That is why one of my main tasks consists in raising funds. I am also in charge of human resources and administration tasks. However, I love attending children and adolescents of the bereavement groups.

My voluntary work for Sternenland e.V. – also being part of the executive board – satisfies me.

by Renate Eckart