IW Club of Altamura

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Inner Wheel Club of Altamura

Charter Ceremony of IW Club of Altamura, D210, Italy, 5th July 2016

The Inner Wheel Club of Altamura was constituted on April 6th 2016 when, in the presence of the Extension Chairman Bettina Lombardi Crisci and of the Past D210 Chairman Nietta De Ruvo Buquicchio, 14 friends decided to join the large family of Inner Wheel sharing the main objectives of its Constitution. ┬ The Club of Altamura was born.┬
On June 11th, 2016 D210 Chairman 2015/2016 Lorenza Carbone Rocco and District Secretary Brunella De Martino Poulet, visited the newly formed Club and the District Chairman Lorenza illustrated the Presidential theme Unique&United.┬
From left to right  Imm. Past D210 Chairman Nietta Buquicchio Ruvo, D210 Chairman  2015-2016 Lorenza Rocco Carbone, Club President Matilde Saponaro, D210 Secretary Brunella De Martino Poulet
On July 5th, 2016, in the presence of D210 Chairman 2016/2017 Anna Lapenna Cocciolo, the new club celebrated the Charter ceremony at the magnificent ÔÇťVilla dei LecciÔÇŁ, the residence of one of the Club members.┬
D210 2016-2017 Chairman Anna Lapenna CoccioloÔÇÖs address ÔÇô on her right Club President Matilde Saponaro, on her left Bettina Lombardi D210 Extension Chairman 2015-2016
The Charter, signed by IIW President Charlotte De Vos and National Representative Ebe Martines, was handed over to the Club President Matilde Saponaro, surrounded by all Club members holding ┬ lit candles in their hands.┬
In the middle Matilde Saponaro wearing the collar of Club President
Club President Matilde Saponaro cutting the IW cake surrounded by Club members
A large number of IW ladies, Vice District Chairman Maria Antonia Albenzio Pascali, District Editor Carmelina Cafiero Casamassima, other Club Presidents, Rotarian authorities, local and national politicians, such as Hon. Liliana Ventrelli, Italian Parliament Deputy, attended the important event.┬
It was a strong emotion to listen to District ChairmanÔÇÖs meaningful speech, to the messages sent by the highest IW authorities and ┬ to conduct the event with all due ceremonial.┬
The President Matilde Saponaro told the audience that she firmly believed in the objectives of the Association and that the support given by Club members would give her the energies to go ahead. ┬
Smiling D210 and Club Officers and Members
The Charter celebration concluded with and elegant dinner and live music. ┬ It was the triumph of friendship, cordiality and pride to belong to this marvellous family.┬