Inner Wheel in Prison

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Feb 21, 2016 |

Inner Wheel In Prison

District 5, GB & I,  hold Coffee Morning at the Clink Restaurant, Styal Women’s Prison on Saturday 6th February 2016

Member of Council Adrienne Fox, District Chairman Diana Ayres and Liz Norris (Membership Officer) outside the Clink Restaurant  at HMP Styal

Outside Clink restaurant

As District Membership Officer, looking for an opportunity to show case Inner Wheel to potential new members, I decided to run an event in an intriguing venue - the recently opened Clink Restaurant at Her Majesty’s Women’s Prison in Styal, Cheshire. Four tickets were distributed to each of Club in District 5, and asked to come along with at least one non-member. Tickets were in huge demand and I was delighted that about 20% of those attending were interested friends, some already, we have heard, are intending to come to our meetings.

District Membership Liz Norris with potential new members

Plates of delicious scones, cakes, brownies and cookies with unlimited coffee, were on offer for the inclusive ticket price! Everything had been made in the kitchen by the women prisoners, and all service in the restaurant was by them too. There was so much food Inner Wheel members were invited to take some home for a small donation!

The tables set with scones and cakes

Set in the former chapel of the prison, the Clink Restaurant is relatively modern with high ceilings and beautiful windows, with the glass-topped tables, decorated with small lights creating a really special ambience both for diners and those working there.

Inner Wheel Club of Denton

Our Inner Wheel members went home promising to return and sample the lunches. Some intend bringing their entire Club!

Inner Wheel Club of Altrincham

During the last few months of their sentence, the women at Styal are given the opportunity to train in the kitchen and restaurant, with a view to gaining qualifications in the hospitality industry, leading to employment on their release, with a number of well-known restaurant and hotel chains involved in the scheme.


A short presentation on Inner Wheel was given by District Chairman, Diana Ayres, before the Restaurant Manager Wendy Unsworth, spoke of the work carried out by Clink Charity.Â


We achieved two great positives: Inner Wheel was given a unique opportunity to showcase itself with the real possibility of increased membership and together with Clink, generated greater public awareness of the charity’s work among the women prisoners, attracting new diners to their very busy high class restaurant.


For me, we were Unique and United.


Liz Norris

Membership Officer District 5