In The Name of The Rose

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In The Name of The Rose

This ambitious historical and artistic project, coordinated by Irene Ficociello Calzetta , Vice Chairman 2015/2016 of District 210, Italy, was born from the discovery of some rose seeds in the archaeological site of Sinuessa (Campania – Italy), dating back to the ancient Romans.

It aims at promoting collaboration and unity between all 104 Inner Wheel countries, creating an archaeological, architectural, artistic, literary and environmental itinerary in the name of the rose.  It is supposed to connect  all IW Clubs with a golden thread, creating an imaginary journey to discover our identity and  territory.

A rose next to a monument to mark the ideal partnership relating to  the discovery in Sinuessa excavations.  The metaphor of the rose was also confirmed by Her Highness Princess Benedikte of Denmark who baptized a pink rose with the name of “Inner Wheel forever” in Copenhagen, at the IIW Convention in May 2015.

This project aims at enhancing and promoting our wonderful  area rich in archaeological and architectural monuments and at bringing mainly the youth closer to the culture of the past, as a basis to build the future and to recover human values that are the basis for human relationships.

At the same time the rose embodies the strong and fragile feminine soul, yet able to persist through centuries like the seeds found in Sinuessa.

The project was presented in Bulgaria, at Kazanlak’s Club – D248 and the members of the Club welcomed the initiative with enthusiasm and availability and signed the Protocol in the presence of Bulgarian IW authorities. 

D209 Chairman 2015 2016 Daniela Soderi, who organized the trip to Bulgaria, signing the Protocol D210 Vice Chairman Irene Ficociello Calzetta signing the Protocol

IWC of Kazanlak’s President, D209 Chairman , D210 Vice Chairman showing the signed Protocol and D209 ISO Grazia Rosa Santarelli Di Iorio

Italian members showing their Club banners

The project “In the Name of the Rose” was also highly appreciated by other Bulgarian Clubs, Plovdiv, Sofia, Bolevgrad and their Presidents were so enthusiastic to participate in the project and signed the adhesion Protocol.

Informal conversation

Signing the Protocol in Plovdiv D209 Chairman signing the Protocol

Bulgarian and Italian IW members showing the signed Protocol A Bulgarian  member signing the Protocol in Sofia Italian and Bulgarian members and District 248 Banner

The project was supported by the District Chairman 2015 - 2016 Daniela Soderi, who organized the trip.

A toast to friendship


In attachment:

- Universal Cultural Project  “In the Name of the Rose” 

- Trip to Bulgaria  “In the Name of the Rose”

- Memorandum  Agreement