Exhibition of Helvacı Carpets in Aliağa.

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Jun 23, 2022 |

Exhibition of Helvacı Carpets, at the Youth Centre in Aliağa.

As the project of the year, Inner Wheel Club of İzmir is supporting the women of Helvacı Village in Aliağa, by creating opportunities for them in weaving carpets with traditional designs. The club is working in coordination with the public authorities of Aliağa and the Helvacı Village Women’s Cooperation.

On 2 June 2022, a meeting was organised at Hotel Radisson in Aliağa. Members of District 244 and District 222 participated. It was a celebration of the thirtieth Charter year of the Inner Wheel Club of İzmir. They visited the exhibition of the carpets and other hand-made products of the village women, held at the Aliağa Youth Centre which was sponsored by Mayor Serkan Acar. The 6 loops donated by the Club were also exhibited in the Centre.

Among the important guests were the first District Chairman of District 222 in the norther part of Cyprus, Mrs Sibel Tatar and her spouse.

Plaquettes of IWC İzmir were installed on the loops by the Chairmen of Districts 244 and 222, President of the Inner Wheel Club of İzmir club and Past District Chairman Mrs Sibel Tatar. It was a resounding activity and a great opportunity for the publicity of Inner Wheel with the press following the event and many guests present.

Gülgün Dolunay