Conference addressing challenges of the future.

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WOMEN IN NETWORK – A conference to address the challenges of the future

How can women be empowered to express their potential? How can we strengthen the contribution of women's associations, seen as an element of social cohesion in favour of change? These are the questions women managers and company executives, together with representatives of the institutions, discussed during the 'Women in the Network' event promoted by the Inner Wheel Club of Cuorgnè e Canavese, in collaboration with the Gruppo Imprenditrici e Dirigenti di Confindustria Canavese.

The Conference was held on Friday, 8 April 2022, with numerous in-person and online participants.

President Nella Falletti Geminiani along with Club Correspondent.

President Nella Falletti Geminiani along with Club Correspondent.

District Chairman Maria Sangalli of District 204 and Club President Nella Geminiani, introduced the topic by focusing on the role of women's associations on the path to emancipation. The union of women has been key to achieving some of the most important goals. It is a heritage that must be cultivated to look realistically at the current difficulties and identify common goals with courage.

The Conference dealt with numerous aspects of women's role in society and the economy, highlighting the difficulties and the steps taken in many areas which until a few decades ago precluded women. Much remains to be done to make room for female talents, influence cultural change, and work as part of a network to strengthen female leadership.

Leadership was discussed which suggested ways to an authoritative and shared management, inspired by the kindness and pragmatism that women can provide.

Members of the club.

Members of the club.

There was also reaffirmation of the importance of facing one's career with patience and determination, accepting failures as part of the experience, and the opportunity “to do better next time”.

In context, the comparison with international business highlights the gaps in our system in terms of protection and recognition of female talents. However, there is no shortage of virtuous initiatives aiming to improve work-life balance, which often represents a 'problem' for women in Italy.

Innovation is not gender-neutral and needs the female point of view to avoid distortions. Increasing the presence of women in S.T.E.M. disciplines is a crucial objective in which we should continue to invest.

The speakers and the President.

The speakers and the President.

Gender quotas? They have proved to be valuable and effective in speeding up plodding progress and encouraging the presence of women in positions of power.

The Conference featured a set of testimonies from tenacious women, resilient in facing everyday life and committed to networking with other women. Women who are mothers and have learned important lessons for their careers from this role are aware of the educational role in measuring their values daily, even in the workplace.

Lucia Brossa Bersano