Awareness is Power, Early Detection Saves Lives

Posted by | May 20, 2022 |

Breast Cancer Campaigns By IWC Islamabad Cosmopolitan

Breast cancer is a serious disease that affects millions of people and their loved ones each year. Women in many countries lack of awareness to take precautionary measures to examine themselves, coupled with social and psychological stigma among those who are diagnosed with cancer.

One of the major causes of breast cancer and the increased mortality rate among women is that they do not have enough information about personal the methods and understanding of early detection. To overcome this challenge a lot of awareness campaigns and sessions have been delivered especially to underprivileged women in Pakistan.

The Inner Wheel Club of Islamabad Cosmopolitan has taken this initiative to reach the unreached and deliver awareness sessions to a large numbers of women and girls. IWCIC always believes in strong awareness among women and their families. The goal is to spread breast cancer awareness by teaching the right ways for its detection, and promote the treatment, and the need for a reliable and permanent cure.

To make this campaign successful, a lot of effort has been undertaken by IWCIC to translate the awareness pamphlets and materials into local languages so that they can understand the seriousness of the issues better and at the same time, exercise early detection by self-examination or visiting medical professionals. Women have been found to avoid to self-examination, and wrongly thinking of the pain and embarrassment associated with breast screening. The low income, poor knowledge about breast cancer screening, lack of support from the family, language barriers, and lack of transportation were the most reasons shared by women from villages in IWCIC Breast Awareness sessions. Therefore, these women have been provided personal mentoring and counselling sessions as well.

To break the ice, IWCIC started off with full-day camps in the nearby villages in Islamabad with the help of a competent lady doctor and staff, who examines many women and girls and also provide them free consultation.

IWCIC’s President Farrah Farrukh shared her experience, “It is very challenging to motivate women to talk about this issue, so we have to work hard to bring them to camps. With increasing numbers, and by word of mouth, many women have benefited with free breast cancer awareness and consultation sessions.”

The most successful activity was to translate the materials into the local languages and also in the training of local women in the Breast Cancer Awareness Programme. It has enabled the activities to continue in their respective areas for long-term effect. IWCIC has been keeping in contact with these trained women for further assistance.

Two other major camps have been arranged at PIMS Hospital Islamabad for mammography in collaboration with District 342. IWCIC has participated very actively. Most of the members benefited from these free camps and the club has also donated wheelchairs, pillows, and free medicines or any possible aid to the women under treatment in the Breast Cancer Ward.

IWCIC not only conducts such sessions for the underprivileged women but reached all classes of society by arranging awareness sessions, free mammography, and free camps for all. Since Pakistan has been very actively addressing this issue, IWCIC also visited the residence of the President of Pakistan to attend the opening ceremony of the annual campaign by the First Lady.

This effort is not stopping. Day by day, it is getting stronger and reaching more and more women to make them realise how they can be protected and to fight cancer if they are well aware and prepared.

The only person who can save you is you.

Saba Haider