Egypt & Jordan Protocol for Breast Cancer

Posted by | Apr 30, 2022 |

Egypt & Jordan Protocol with Baheya Foundation for Breast Cancer

In the celebration of International Women’s Day and under the auspices of Chairman District 95 of Egypt & Jordan, Mrs Hala Hagrass, a protocol was signed between the Baheya Foundation and 28 Inner Wheel Clubs in Egypt and Jordan for early detection and treatment of women’s breast cancer.

District 95 Clubs donated L.E. 619,000.00 ( Six hundred nineteen thousand Egyptian Pounds) to establish a state-of-the-art laboratory for cancer and PCR in the new branch of the hospital, which is under construction in Sheikh Zayed Area.

The response to D95 Chairman Hala Hagrass’s invitation to all D95 IWCs to rally together in support of cancer fighters was highly appreciated.

The Baheya Foundation hospital is the legacy of the late Mrs Baheya Othman, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in her older years. She wished to alleviate the pain of other women who could not afford expensive treatment.

Baheya Foundation was established as a non-profit NGO in 2015. It treats women who suffer from breast cancer free of charge, starting from early detection, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, physical therapy, and psychological support. Since its establishment, the Baheya Foundation has been able to treat more than 171,926 cancer fighters.

The fight against breast cancer starts with Early Detection and Breast Self-Examination (BSE) that can lead to lower breast cancer mortality rates.

Baheya offers comprehensive services to more than 500 patients on a daily basis from all segments of society.

Dr Jailan Ahmed, the Executive Director of the hospital, welcomed Inner Wheel members and signed an individual club protocol with club representatives after presenting a detailed presentation about early detection and treatment options for breast cancer.

A cancer specialist surgeon explained the treatment options and cancer “fighters” talked about their treatment experience and their follow-up.

Together, we are strong.

Hanaa Elsadat