Forgotten Heroines and IW for your University

Posted by | Apr 18, 2022 |

“Forgotten Heroines, tell a tale to travel the world” and “Inner Wheel for your University Programme”: the first two services of the new Inner Wheel Club of Padova Specola 4.0 (District 206 in Italy).

The Inner Wheel Club of Padova Specola 4.0 has adhered to the theme of International Inner Wheel President’s “Pink First” and the triennial project “Strong women stronger world” by considering them both as a chance to support young women in their education and a way to support female contribution in the world for the future.

A literary competition was thus conceived asking female students attending their last year of secondary school to compose a short story in English about a deserving unknown or forgotten female character. The title of the competition, receiving also the official support of their District School Board, was “Forgotten heroines: tell a tale to travel the world”.

The judging was chaired by Mr Ario Gervasutti, an Italian journalist working at “Il Gazzettino”, one of the oldest and most distinguished Italian daily newspapers. 11 participants were selected and granted a certificate that will be part of their global competence portfolio, in line with Agenda 2030 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The writer of the best tale, Elena, won a participation in a two-week intercultural project in the UK. The writers of the second and the third tales also received prizes. All the tales are available for the public to read in the section “documents” of our club website:


Further to this, Inner Wheel Club of Padova Specola 4.0 is also running a project entitled “Inner Wheel for Your University Programme”. The project aims at helping young and deserving students to accomplish their university studies. The Club is supporting a worthy Italian young lady, Sara, who is currently in her second year of Foreign Languages and Criminology Studies Programme at a well known University in Padua. She will most probably graduate next year, being the first in her family to achieve such a prestigious accomplishment.

Monica Bezzegato – Francesca Preguerra