Supporting mothers with handicraft materials

Posted by | Apr 14, 2022 |

Supporting with handicraft materials two mothers from Dibra/Albania, who have children with disabilities

The Inner Wheel Club of Tirana in Albania champion the IIW theme PINK FIRST calling on "Women helping Women". Together with World Vision Albania & Kosovo, the Club is implementing two projects. (1) To provide handicraft materials to mothers of children with disabilities. These mothers find it impossible to leave home to work and have found handicraft as a way to obtain a source of income. (2) to financially support the therapy sessions of children with disability.

The Inner Wheel Club of Tirana financed 100 EUR towards each mother in the purchase of materials for handicraft such as threads, knitting needles, and other accessories. The donation was recorded sheet at the "Weekly Meeting of the Club" on 24.02.2022. The guest speakers at the meeting were Mrs Eljona Boçe Elmazi (PhD) who is the National Director of "World Vision Albania & Kosovo" (

In the same monthly meeting, in close cooperation with World Vision Albania & Kosovo, the project to support specialised therapy for rural children with disabilities was also finalised. Mrs Evis VASILI, Club President 2021-2022 gave her personal support by financing the four physiotherapy sessions of an 11-year-old girl Sara from Dardhe village in Librazhd, Albania who is diagnosed with encephalopathy. She cannot talk nor walk.

Any help no matter how small it is for people who are in need will always be appreciated. It is very important because it shows the special care and attention especially towards these children. The implementation of these two projects is of particular importance because the help and contribution of the Inner Wheel Club of Tirana in going to all people in need not only to the community of the capital, but also to the communities in the remote rural areas, will make known the name and the contributing role of Inner Wheel throughout Albania.

Evis Vasili - President of Club