Scholarships for Students in Turkey

Posted by | Apr 05, 2022 |

Provision of Student Scholarships

We wanted to contribute to education with a student scholarship while we were going through difficult economic times. We started to give scholarships to 8 female university students who applied to our association through the Eskişehir Education and Training Foundation. 7 of our members (Süheyla Bingöl, Nilcan Buyan, Ferda Arabacı, Fida Alkara, Çiçek Tezgören, Günay Çelik, Erinç Aral) supply with 7 student’s scholarship.

Other of our members supply with a student’s scholarship. Our other members took on the scholarship of one of our students.

Our scholarship holders of university students will also have the opportunity to attend the inner wheel academy organized by the 242nd district.

Thanks to all of our members who contribute to this project.

Yasemen Yeniceli