Inner Wheel spirit in Trinidad & Tobago

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The Inner Wheel spirit in Trinidad & Tobago

Despite the many challenges of COVID-19, the Inner Wheel Club of Trinidad and Tobago is very active in touching the lives of the less fortunate under the stewardship of our President Sati Jadoo.

Aid to children’s homes with food boxes and renovations

During the month of September 2021, the Club assisted three homes for children.

The Margaret Kistow home was founded by a former nun and housed at least 3 dozen children varying ages.

Memesa Home that housed children with special needs. Each of these homes were provided with food boxes which will go a long way in providing the children with hot meals

The Jaya Lakshmi Home For Children was in need of renovations and the Club donated cash to them.

Care packages for female prison inmates

In keeping with the International Inner Wheel President’s call to help women, our club prepared 120 care packages containing needed toiletries for each of the women inmates during the month of October 2021. It was a touching moment for our President and members who went to the Women’s Prison to distribute. We were astonished to see the number of young women in the prison. They were all neatly dress, some with prison clothes and some with their own clothes. Our hearts went out to them. We were told that some have committed serious crimes and will be there for a long time. The women inmates were indeed grateful as they sometimes felt they were forgotten behind the walls of the prisons. This was a memorable project for members who assisted in the distribution and one they are not likely to forget easily.

Sewing machines to empower two young women

The Club bought two sewing machines and donated them to two young ladies. We hope they will be empowered to assist and support their families. Both women can sew but did not have a sewing machine. They were excited to receive such a wonderful gift and will be using it to start a small business.

Divali hampers

In the month of November, our Club distributed Divali (Festival of Light) hampers to the aged, sick and needy.

Fundraising raffle

In November, our Club also chose the winners for a raffle. This was indeed a grand success as we raised funds amounting to $38,000.00.

Toys and hampers for Christmas

During Christmas time in December 2021, members were extremely cautious and afraid to venture out due to the high increase in COVID-19 cases. The Club made arrangements to have a distribution centre for the children and their parents to gather in a huge open area. The environment was cheerful and safe. Toys were distributed to the children and there was so much excitement and smiles on the faces of everyone. Food hampers were also distributed to the needy and these were greatly appreciated.

Donation of seedlings and roofing for orphans

In commemoration of World Inner Wheel Day, the Club came up with a special project. Alisha and Shawn Bharat lost their parents and have been ploughing their land for a livelihood. On 10 January 2022, the Club donated vegetable seedlings to the Bharat orphans, which they would plant and sell the produce at the market. This brother and sister were always trying to build a simple home and so the Club also donated galvanize metal sheets costing $7,000 towards its roofing.

World Inner Wheel Day Guest Speaker, Her Excellency British Ambassador, Harriet Cross

At our World Inner Wheel Day Meeting, we invited Her Excellency Harriet Cross, the British Ambassador, as the guest speaker. Her Excellency shared insights on the work carried out in the Caribbean as well as on UK policies. She was delighted to spend the evening with our members enjoying all our delicious vegan dishes.

To listen to her speech, go to

Donation to help END POLIO

At the same World Inner Wheel Day meeting, we donated USD1,000 to Rotary District 7030 for the eradication of Polio. The cheque was presented to Rotarian PP Raj Jadoo who is the Polio Chair for 17 countries.

Honorary Member Inducted

Rotarian PP Raj has been a very active supporter of our Inner Wheel Club for a number of years. In the past, he has donated the auction prize at our annual bingo and acted as the auctioneer with much showmanship. He was always resourceful in helping us solve issues and always willing to work with us in getting our venue ready for bingo. It is no wonder that our Executives and members unanimously agreed to induct Rotarian PP Raj Jadoo as our honorary member.

PP Judith Young-Ruiz

Club Secretary 2021-2022

Inner Wheel Club of Trinidad and Tobago