India Projects - March 2022 (2)

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Operation Theatre Upgrade – District 329

Inner Wheel Club of Calcutta Mahanagar

District Chairman- Jyoti Mahipal

President-Anjali Srivastava

Date- 2 March 2022

Number of Beneficiary- Innumerable

Complete upgrading of the Operation Theatre of S.V.S Marwari Hospital for orthopaedic surgeries. Provided all essential equipments like O.T. table, multi par monitor, anaesthesia workstation, orthodrive machine, suction machine etc.

This project has been initiated by DC Jyoti Mahipal and Mr Vinod Mahipal, under the CSR of their company Kaybee Industrial Alloys Pvt Ltd. A much needed, noble and satisfying project. Inaugurated by District Chairman Jyoti and IIW Board Director Mamta Gupta.

Joint Project – District 325

Inner Wheel Club Of Patliputra

Inner Wheel Club Of Puspanjali

President- Nitu Birla

President- Ishita

District Chairman-Poonam Thakur

Venue- Homi Bhabha Cancer Hospital & Research Centre, Muzaffarpur

Date: 12 February 2022

Beneficiaries- many

Installation of water cooler, purifier, freezer, sanitary pad vending machine and sanitary pad dispensing machine. This project was jointly held by the Inner Wheel Club Of Patliputra and Inner Wheel Club of Pushpanjali. A water cooler with purifier for the cancer patients and a refrigerator for the hospital for storing the medicines were also donated. Sanitary pad vending and incinerator machines in the hospital were also installed. This project was inaugurated by DC Poonam Thakur and graced by District Secretary Ragini Rani and PDC Shweta Sinha.

E-Learning & E-Waste Programme- District 324

Inner Wheel Club of Gangtok

District Chairman: Amita Mundra

President- Sunitha Kiran

Date-8 Mar 2022

E-LEARNING PROGRAMME: It is said that “Education is the passport to the future, as tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”. Keeping to this spirit the Inner Wheel Club Of Gangtok under its vertical “E” i.e. E-Learning, joined hands with the students of Sikkim University to set up a Public Service Centre at Samlik, a small village of Sikkim. It was found that the students of the village had suffered a lot during pandemic because they did not have any device to use to attend online classes. The club donated computers to them. The club also found out that the village has a lot school drop-out cases due to early marriage of the youngsters .To create awareness on the importance of education and ill effects of early marriage a counselling session by social activist Pragya Sathpaty was also organised by the club.

E-WASTE PROGRAMME: Eco-bricks under ‘E’ (for environment). Plastic pollution is one of the most important and talked about issues faced by the whole world today Inner Wheel Club of Gangtok has taken a step towards reducing this plastic waste. Over this last one year, the club has been collecting the plastic wastes from our own homes, our neighbours or the shops nearby. We have been collecting the plastic wastes and plastic bottles. The bottles could be either plastic water bottles which are of no use in Sikkim now or cold drink bottles or juice bottles or any bottles used. The purpose is to reduce them from going into the environment. We kept filling the empty plastic bottles with plastic waste in our homes every single day.

Over the last one year we had collected hundreds of plastic bottles with tightly-filled plastic wastes and these bottles were used as eco-bricks. Those were further used to make seats and benches in different sitting areas at different points. The Sikkim government has played a vital role in keeping Sikkim a plastic free state, keeping that in view we have also created an eco bench at Community Health Centre at Soreng (West Sikkim). It is three and half hour journey from Gangtok. On 27 Feb 2022, the Club arranged a small inaugural function. The message that we want to give out to the community is that if as a community each one of us come together to create such type of eco bricks with the plastic bottles and plastic wastes at home then we could extend a hand in reducing the huge issue of plastic pollution and help in preventing them. These bottles could be handed over to the pre designated areas and hence these bottles could be used to create benches wherever needed. Let us become a part of this project and help in our small ways to create a better lives for our future generation.

Donate Umbrella Drive- District 323 (Joint Project)

Inner Wheel Club Of Chennai Aadya, Inner Wheel Club Of Adambakkam, Inner Wheel Club Of Adyar, Inner Wheel Club Of Chennai Galaxy, Inner Wheel Club Of Chennai Gemini, Inner Wheel Club Of Chennai Harmony, Inner Wheel Club Of Chennai K.K.Nagar, Inner Wheel Club Of Chennai Magizham, Inner Wheel Club Of Chennai Manoranjitham, Inner Wheel Club Of Chennai Melody, Inner Wheel Club Of Chennai Presidency, Inner Wheel Club Of Chennai Sanjeevani, Inner Wheel Club Of Chennai Thiruvamiyur, Inner Wheel Club Of Chennai United, Inner Wheel Club Of Chennai Vriksham, Inner Wheel Club Of Madras Ashok Nagar, Inner Wheel Club Of Madras Central, Inner Wheel Club Of Madras Esplanade, Inner Wheel Club Of Madras North, Inner Wheel Club Of Madras South.

District Chairman: Kamala Selvam

Date: 07 Mar 2022

The Inner Wheel Club Of Chennai Symphony’s initiative, carried out with 20 Inner Wheel Clubs, was the sponsoring of 125 promotional umbrellas to women vendors on the pavements on the occasion of International Women's Day.

Mega Donations – District 326

Inner Wheel Club of Raipur Midtown

Inner Wheel Club of Durg

President: BhavnaJotwani

District Chairman: Manisha Shrivastava*

Date:15 February2022

Donation toward education of girls.

• President PAT/PDC MANJU SHRISHRIMAL, Seema Misra donated Rs50,000/

• PMT Jyoti Verma paid Rs50,000/

• Hotel management 1st Year Gee Chuneshwari Sahu Rs30,000/.

• Nursing ₹6000/ uniforms

• Versha Devangan. B ED Rs32,000/

• Nidhi Sahu Rs32,000/

• B Ed Pallavi on line training

• Cyber hacking Rs10,000 Certificate course

• Now doing PMT coaching. Rs12,000

• Hem Lal Sahu. B Sc 1st year Rs 8000/Maths coaching

• Hem lal Dheemar 12th maths science coaching Rs15,000/

• Total STATIONARY COST Rs. 20,000

• Total Expenses Rs 2,65,000 on education

Transgender establishment: The Inner Wheel Club of Durg is honoured to be given an opportunity to empower the less privileged transgenders by helping them to earn their livelihood. The Club donated a tea and coffee vending machine which will be installed at Nagar Nigam Bhilai office. It will be operated and run by the transgenders.

Mrs. Veena Swamy