Labvanvitelli Project: IWC Caserta Luigi Vanvitelli

Posted by | Mar 14, 2022 |

Labvanvitelli Project: business incubation for students

The Inner Wheel Club of Caserta Luigi Vanvitelli, in line with the PINK FIRST priority on empowerment, has decided on a project called "Labvanvitelli”. It is an ambitious project commissioned by the Club, chaired by Club President Maria Colasanti who has been working for several months under the careful guidance of the District 210 Chairman Liliana Del Grosso.

The project consists of setting up a "laboratory" to be activated in secondary schools. The idea is to inform, train and support, free of charge, young people who want to develop an innovative idea and then handhold them in creating their start-up.

It is not an information desk. The school managers of the various institutions involved will be the ones to notify young people's business ideas.

Once the "business idea identification form" is filled in, the professionals in the Inner Wheel Club of Caserta Luigi Vanvitelli (e.g. accountants, architects, engineers, experts in finance, as well as in the legal field) will support the young people in developing their idea through market analysis, feasibility studies as well as drawing up business plans to verify the feasibility of the idea.

The project consists of two steps: the first involves training young people interested in corporate topics and start-up opportunities. The second step will be much more practical where the young people will be accompanied and supported from its establishment up to the end of the first year to ensure its survival.

It is an ambitious project that will extend beyond the current year. At the moment, the Club has drawn up a network agreement which, in addition to the leading institute, seven high schools from Caserta and the Province will be joining. The agreement is scheduled to be signed at the end of February 2022.

Anna Di Felice