Mangrove Planting - Hope For Tomorrow

Posted by | Mar 12, 2022 |

He who plants a tree, plants a hope - Lucy Larcom.

The Inner Wheel Club of Johor Bahru (IWCJB) was the overall champion of the Go Green competition spearheaded by Past District Chairman Padmini Menon in 2019. The Club won a cash prize to be used for an environmental project. Thereafter, the restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic posed a challenge to the execution of any project. However, the determined IWC JB ladies kept looking out for a window of opportunity to use this prize money.

Honourable Treasurer Amy Nair identified the mangrove planting project at Tanjung Piai and led the project from start to finish. Tanjung Piai, a park cum forest in Johor Bahru, was chosen to help with its ongoing endeavour to maintain and protect the mangrove forests which are being adversely affected due to soil erosion. The forest is also home to many species of crustaceans, including snails and crabs.

On 12 February 2022, the Club members, friends and family travelled to Tanjung Piai, the southernmost tip of Mainland Asia. Instead of just donating the prize money, everybody got their hands dirty and planted the mangrove seedlings themselves in the nursery. The seedlings take about four months to mature to be then planted along the coastline. That is a trip the ladies are looking forward to.

After the main event, everybody was taken for a walk among the mangroves which culminated in the most beautiful view from the southernmost tip of Mainland Asia. The fun filled day ended at a seafood restaurant where everyone enjoyed a delicious and well-earned lunch.

The Club is looking forward to visit the place and to follow up on the progress of the mangroves.

This may be a small attempt at conserving the mangrove forest but a good deed however small is always worth doing.

Sumathi Subramaniam