D204 Italy celebrates Inner Wheel Day

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District 204 Italy celebrates Inner Wheel Day on 10 January 2022

On 10 January 2022, the members of Inner Wheel Clubs in District 204 of Italy, symbolically embraced the whole world in celebration. The photos show the summary of the celebrations of the Clubs that have continued in this tradition of celebrating the 98th Anniversary of our Association. This year, due to COVID-19, the other clubs in District 204 (consisting of 43 clubs distributed in Liguria, Piedmont, part of Lombardy and part of Emilia and Romagna) have postponed the celebrations.

The Inner Wheel Club of Alessandria

The Club celebrated with a concrete gesture. For this occasion, the members of the Club contributed with the "solidarity shopping" to help the Capuchin Fathers who offer a meal to the poorest every day.

The Inner Wheel Club of Bergamo

The Club celebrated by inviting the Zenzero Association, founded and supported by women, which works in Arica and for Africa with projects that involve women, offering them the possibility of independent and dignified employment for keep families. Zenzero mainly deals with the recycling of plastic: its 180 employees, all regularly hired, sort and reduce the plastic into flakes to resell it to local industries so that the profit remains in the area and supports the economy.

The Inner Wheel Clubs of Biella, Biella Piazzo, Ivrea, Vallemosso, Valsesia and Santhià-Crescentino.

The Clubs celebrated Inner Wheel Day together on the Zoom platform by listening to 20 songs from the 50s to the 70s. A wonderful thirty year period masterfully told, quoting history, anecdotes and u unpublished implications by Cesare Borrometi, a radiophonic journalist, connoisseur of the history of music of the last sixty years and author of books on the subject. The meeting lasted for about three hours and was spent in a pleasant atmosphere filled with festivity, with the participation of the Chairman and other district officials.

The Inner Wheel Club of Ciriè Valli di Lanzo.

The members of the Inner Wheel Club of Ciriè Valli di Lanzo met on the Zoom platform to celebrate.

The Inner Wheel Clubs of Genoa, West Genoa and South West Genoa.

The members celebrated with a friendship lunch.

The Inner Wheel Club of Milano Settimo

The Club organised a visit to the Domenico Gnoli exhibition at the Prada Foundation.

The Inner Wheel Club of Oltrepò.

Club President Cinzia prepared a video that traces the history of the club through the work carried out in the area up to the award of the "Margarette Golding" to the President of Toyai, an association operating in Uganda. The commitment of the Club in recent years towards the District has resulted in the election of a Chairman and a District Editor, now Internet Manager of the National Council.

The Inner Wheel Club of Parma Est

The members of the Club celebrated with a convivial lunch. At the end of the lunch, the 90th birthday of the partner Mariangela Medioli was celebrated.

The Inner Wheel Club of Pavia

The Club has organised a guided tour of the “Marginalia” exhibition at the Castello Visconteo Civic Museum in Pavia.

The Inner Wheel Club of Piacenza

The Club organised a guided tour of the exhibition "The Piacenza that was". Then the writer Anna Fermi showed a documentary she made on the "Mystery of the Sword", a journey along the line of the Archangel Michael.

The Inner Wheel Clubs of Torino, Torino Castello, Torino Europea, Torino Nord Ovest and Torino 45th Parallelo

The Clubs organised a concert with charitable purposes to celebrate the birthday of the Inner Wheel, as part of the Music and Instrumental Education Project of the Popular School of Music of San Salvario. The concert saw children and young people from the Cantabile Zero18 Choir perform with popular and Christmas songs.

The Inner Wheel Clubs of Varese, Verbano, Busto-Gallarate and Legnano-Ticino

The members of the Clubs were unable to celebrate in physical presence as planned, but met on the Zoom platform. Greetings and best wishes were exchanged with a final toast, a candle of friendship both for the 98th anniversary of the Inner Wheel and for the members who have their birthday in January.

Maria Sangalli