In memory of Past Board Director Pirkko Kiikka

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Mar 07, 2022 |

Tribute in memory of Past Board Director Pirkko Kiikka

The Grand Lady of Inner Wheel Finland, Pirkko Kiikka, is no longer with us. Pirkko passed away on 20 February 2022 at the age of 70 at her home after a serious illness. This enormously sad news has left us truly poignant.

“We are privileged to have known you, Pirkko. Memories are still fresh and a reminder of your radiant presence. We see you in the first flowers of early spring, arising through the snow. We see you among us, in our thoughts and in our actions. And we hear your voice echo in the responsibilities we carry and in the decisions we make.”

Inner Wheel is an international women's organisation set up to create friendship, service and understanding. Pirkko Kiikka joined the Inner Wheel Club of Nurmijärvi in 1977 and was an active club member for about 45 years. Her wonderful qualities were a great match for the aims of Inner Wheel. In her dedicated and illustrious service in Inner Wheel, she was twice Club President, District 142 Chairman in 1985-1987, National Representative in 1996-1998, International Inner Wheel Board Member in 1993-1995 and Board Director in 1999-2001.

Her contribution in all the missions was spectacular and skilful. For her exceptional contribution in Inner Wheel, she was twice nominated for the position of International Inner Wheel President. She took her role as ambassador of her Club and District seriously, participating in many Conventions, Nordic Meetings and Women for Europe Meetings. Ever the excellent host, she took care of overseas Inner Wheel visitors to Finland, and organised the Women for Europe Conference in Tuusula and Espoo together with Board Director Kaija Keijola and Past Board Director Hannele Karhunen.

Pirkko’s heart of service is for the well-being of Finnish children and young people where she undertook projects with great passion. It was Pirkko who initiated the project to train drug detection dogs with the Finnish Customs, working together with Past Board Member Anja Toivanen and District 142 Chairman Sirkka Helavaara. Pirkko introduced Life Education (Koulutus Elämään Säätiö) to Inner Wheel and Rotary in Finland and helmed it as Chairman from 2001 to 2011. To this day, tens of thousands of children have been educated through its programme which gives young people the knowledge of a healthy life and helps build their self-esteem.

Pirkko Kiikka received much recognition and accolades: Honoured Active Member in 1997, Active Honoured Badge in 2011 and Paul Harris Fellow 1991. However, the greatest of all is that all the work Pirkko Kiikka started is still actively ongoing. We, all Inner Wheel Members in Finland, will go on working in Pirkko’s legacy.

“We will always miss you — our inspiring Pirkko.”

Hannele Karhunen & Tarja Lausvaara