For a better life - Projects from IW India

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For a better life: giving aid in education, health care and infrastructure

Aid to a school on Republic Day (District 316)

Inner Wheel Club Of Chitradurga Fort

President Jaishree shah

District Chairman: Jyoti Laxman

Date: 14 January 2022

Amount Spent: 300,000/-

Beneficiaries: 600

The Inner Wheel Club Of Chitradurga Fort on the occasion of India’s 73rd Republic Day, donated items to the Sharana Basaveswara School. They were laptop, screen projector, microscope, test tubes, TV, globe, charts, maps, flags, dictionary in Kannada and English, 40 iron benches, uniforms to 400 students of the school, toys and new dresses to kindergarten children and other things necessary to students, included with the Inner Wheel logo. Biscuits and chocolates were also distributed to the school children.

E-learning Mega Project (District 317)

Inner Wheel Club of Sirsi Heritage

District Chairman: Ratna Behere

President: Shweta Prabhu

Date: 6 February 2022

District Chairman Ratna Behere by the Inner Wheel Club of Sirsi Heritage launched the E-learning A Mega Project of Digital Classrooms. The Club also donated 18 TV units to Meards Chandana School, Narebail, Sirsi. The TV can help a child's intellect. In many studies researchers have observed how educational programmes can aid in boosting children's intellect. The Digital Classroom leads to more collaboration between students and teachers .These classrooms would benefit many underprivileged children to practice E learning. A very noble project. Report by: District Editor Harshada Marathe.

E-learning Computer Donation (District 318)

Inner Wheel Club of Hunsur

District Chairman: Mrs Pushpa Gururaj

President: Mrs Bhagya Girish

Date: 6 February 2022

Thirty-five computers for e-learning were distributed to the Hunsur Women’s College. This was much needed for college.

GEODESIC DOME – A Multipurpose Pavilion (District 319)

Inner Wheel Club of Banglore Vijaynagar

President: Naini Bhat

District Chairman: Veena Niranjan

Date: 7 February 2022

The project is on a built-up area of 570.0 square feet and will benefit 200 students. During her tenure, President Naini Bhat dreamt of doing something for the cause of rural education. The club wanted to provide a multi-purpose space for the students. This infrastructure should be sustainable, cost-effective and constructed with locally available materials and labour. To begin with, a Government High School at Reddy Gollarahalli was identified. It is in a village near Chikkaballapur, with the guidance of Mrs Usha Shetty of Graamanthara Trust. The Head Mistress, Mrs Vinutha, was found to be very passionate about her school and expressed the need for a multi-purpose activity space. President Naini's husband, Prof. Vasanth Bhat, is an architect and principal, RNS School of Architecture. His associate, Mr Sunil Kumar, suggested that they could have a huge structure built on the principles of the geodesic dome. It could be built at 25% of the cost of a conventional RCC structure. Principle of construction: a geodesic dome is a hemispherical thin-shell structure constructed by juxtaposing small elements called struts in a triangular formation. These elements are structurally rigid and distribute loads evenly. Salient features of geodesic dome are: light weight structure, sustainable and eco-friendly. When built out of bamboo struts and concrete, it is called bamboo crete. It is a free spanning structure, which means it does not have any support in the centre, making it ideal for congregation and classrooms. It can be built very quickly within a short period of time, using very few resources.

The making of the Dome: necessary drawings were done, materials like bamboo, metal connectors, bamboo crete were purchased and kept ready. Foundation to mount the classroom was laid. It was erected by training the students of the same school. The girls did a tremendous job in assisting. A classic example of women’s empowerment! After that, the fabricators, bar benders, and the plastering team and painters completed the structure in a record time of 28 days.

On 7 February 2022, the dream project was launched by District Chairman, Veena Niranjan. District Secretary Rekha Sridhar and District Editor Ishita Samir Seth were also present. The function was conducted in a grand manner as the students transformed the entire space by decorating it with flowers, and a beautiful rangoli at the centre of which was placed the lamp. No auditorium, public address system, and no carpeting. Just the sheer will of the students and staff made an amazing launch programme with more than 300 in the audience followed by nutritious lunch. The club members also distributed activity books and notebooks to the school children, and sarees and eco-friendly bags to the ladies who prepared and served lunch to all of us. The club wishes to place on record our sincere thanks to all our sponsors for donating generously towards this cause.

Equipment for a Hospital (District 320)

Inner Wheel Club of Cochin West

District Chairman: Alamelu Sivaramakrishnan

President: Vidya Mangal

Date: 27 January 2022

Project Impact: critical equipment for a government hospital. The Inner Wheel Club of Cochin West donated a LIMA Grafting Cautery machine to the CTVS department at the Super Specialty Building Block of the General Hospital at Ernakulam. The club handed over the machine to the Superintendent Dr Anitha A in the presence of MP Shri Hibi Eden. This equipment is critical for performing by-pass surgery. In the past, keyhole surgeries of the heart were performed at the hospital but patients requiring bypass surgeries were referred to Thrissur/ Kottayam Medical colleges. Private hospitals were beyond their means.

Flood Relief Fund (District 321)

Inner Wheel Club of Kottayam

President: Miriam Mathew

District Chairman: Cinda Jojy

Date: 8 February 2022

The Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in India had given a generous fund for flood relief work in Kerala in 2019. IPAP Vimla was put-in charge of the fund which was used to build a community hall at Kariyil Village in Kumarakom.

The Inner Wheel Club of Kottayam has adopted this village of about 150 families. The village is on the lake, looking beautiful but it is almost impossible to live there since every house gets water logged. Getting to Kariyil itself is an effort. You have to walk there from a point where motorable road ends. Work done in Kariyil has been reported by Lovisis Kuruvilla. We are grateful to The Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in India.

Mrs. Veena Swamy