Wellness room for post-surgery cancer therapy

Posted by | Mar 05, 2022 |

Equipping a wellness room for post-surgery cancer therapy

One of the outstanding problems in cancer therapy is to make the post-surgery period less burdensome by facilitating patients who continue their stay. Recovery from breast cancer, in particular, can be a traumatic time for women. Patients with breast cancer are susceptible to mental health problems, such as anxiety, depression, neurocognitive deficits and problems that are associated with sexual dysfunction.

For these reasons, the Ospedale San Paolo (Sao Paolo Hospital) in Bari, Italy, is attentive in a variety of aspects aimed at guaranteeing the best living conditions for the patients. The charity organisation named “Energia Donna OdV”, chaired by Maria Grazia Ramires, assists the medical staff of the ward, headed by Dr Nicola Marzano, to care for patients in therapy. One of the projects of the organisation is a “wellness room” where patients can receive make-up treatments by specialist personnel.

The Inner Wheel Club of Bari Levante, District 210 (Italy), contributed to the preparation of the wellness room by donating a beautician bed.

On 20 January 2022, Club President Ersilia Passarella Marra and some members of the Club met with Energia Donna, Dr Marzano with his co-workers and the hospital’s social worker, Dr Marilena Panebianco.

The meeting was coincidentally enriched by the farewell ceremony of a young patient, discharged at the end of her chemotherapy. The young woman was surrounded by staff from the ward, other patients, volunteers of Energia Donna, the head physician and members of IWC Bari Levante. All were standing around a bell, a gift from a former patient. In a simple but touching ceremony that moved everyone, the young woman rang the bell loudly and then took leave of the hospital.

Members of the Club took the opportunity to visit the department, noting how it has been organised with a pleasing ambience and human touch. The ward is furnished in a non-traditional way: the walls painted in bright colours and the signs have familiar and non-bureaucratic sentences. The Club members expressed their appreciation to the director and all the staff.

Ersilia Passarella Marra